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Supporting Diversity in Public Health with an LGBTQ+ MPH Program

January 29, 2024
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Public health professionals frequently encounter unique challenges and rewarding opportunities in a dynamic field at the intersection of social justice, health science, and policy. To navigate this complex landscape and drive positive change, many professionals turn to innovative programs such as Kent State University's Master of Public Health (MPH). In this article, we explore the unique opportunities offered by Kent State's online MPH degree and the benefits of combining it with a Graduate Certificate in LGBTQ+ Public Health.

The Benefits of an MPH Degree

At Kent State University, the online Graduate Certificate in LGBTQ+ Public Health offered by the MPH program provides professionals with a rigorous and practical learning experience designed to meet contemporary public health challenges. KSU’s online MPH students can zero in on their professional interests by shaping their degree with one of three specializations: Epidemiology, Health Policy and Management (HPM) or Social and Behavioral Sciences (SBS).

Kent State's online MPH degree provides a holistic education grounded in key public health competencies. The 46 credit hours required for graduation give a robust foundation for public health leadership, including:

  • 19 credits for core courses that cover critical areas of public health,
  • 15 credits for specialization-specific courses
  • 9 credits for electives
  • 3 credits for a practicum experience to optimize the learning process

All of this is under the seal of the Council of Education for Public Health (CEPH) accreditation, ensuring that you receive a course of study that meets the highest benchmarks of quality and relevance in the field.

Incorporating elective public health LGBTQ+ courses in the MPH program allows for an understanding of key health concerns affecting the LGBTQ+ community and the strategies to address these issues.

The Need for ​​LGBTQ+ Public Health Education

There's a growing call for professionals with a public health LGBTQ+ specialization. KSU’s inclusive MPH program is not just about imparting data; it’s designed to foster understanding, empathy, and advocacy. The online Graduate Certificate in LGBTQ+ Public Health, for instance, provides a significant foundation for understanding and addressing the unique health needs and disparities experienced by the LGBTQ+ population.

The LGBTQ+ public health education program’s coursework spans 13 credits, exploring crucial topics such as LGBTQ+ health disparities, advocacy, policy, and culturally competent care specific to the LGBTQ+ community, including LGBTQ+ community health programs.

Social Determinants of Health Behaviors and Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in Public Health Practice are part of the Graduate Certificate in LGBTQ+ Public Health curriculum. The certificate can be completed in two semesters and is delivered in a flexible, asynchronous format through an engaging online learning platform.

The Intersection of the MPH and LGBTQ+ Programs

Combining an MPH degree with an LGBTQ+ health certification positions professionals to shape population health, increase health equity, and expand career options significantly. With its curriculum for LGBTQ+ public health education, Kent State's online MPH program enables professionals to address public health-related challenges, such as LGBTQ+ health disparities, in an informed and sensitive manner. Graduates from this program have a strong foundation in public health LGBTQ+ advocacy, which places them at the forefront of health policy change.

While you can earn the online Graduate Certificate in LGBTQ+ Public Health as a standalone credential, the LGBTQ+ health certification integrates seamlessly with the MPH in Health Policy and Management or Social and Behavioral Sciences, allowing you to gain the expertise imparted by the public health LGBTQ+ courses as part of your Master of Public Health without incurring extra coursework or financial burden.

Take Your Next Step to Public Health Leadership

The public health landscape requires dedicated professionals equipped with a blend of knowledge, experience, and the capacity to drive inclusionary change. Take your public health career further with Kent State's online MPH program and Graduate Certificate in LGBTQ+ Public Health. Designed with working professionals in mind, this affordable, CEPH-accredited program offers flexibility with three annual start dates and concentrated 7-week courses. You can complete the program in as few as two years.

The online MPH program empowers you to excel in your career without sidelining your existing work obligations. While focusing on your passion for transforming public health, these credentials can enhance your earning potential and unlock an array of impactful roles that expand health equity for diverse populations. An admissions outreach advisor will happily answer any questions not addressed in the FAQ below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of an LGBTQ+ certification in public health?

Earning an LGBTQ+ certification in public health can help healthcare professionals improve services and outcomes for this underserved community. It can also make you a sought-after professional with distinct knowledge and skills.

How does an MPH degree incorporate LGBTQ+ health issues?

The MPH degree at Kent State University incorporates LGBTQ+ health issues into its curriculum, addressing key aspects like health policies, healthcare disparities, advocacy, and the sociocultural dynamics affecting LGBTQ+ health.

Why is LGBTQ+ inclusion important in public health education?

LGBTQ+ inclusion is critical in public health education as it promotes a comprehensive understanding of unique health concerns and disparities within the LGBTQ+ population, enabling more equitable and effective healthcare strategies and policies.

What courses are offered in an LGBTQ+ health in MPH program?

Kent State University’s online MPH program includes elective courses focusing on LGBTQ+ community welfare, community health improvement methods, reflection on sexual orientation and gender identity in public health, the interplay between social determinants of health and individual behaviors, and the impact of public policies on LGBTQ+ population health.

How can an MPH degree advance LGBTQ+ health advocacy?

An MPH degree can provide the knowledge and skills to advocate effectively for health policies and practices that favor better health outcomes and equity for the LGBTQ+ population.

Talk with an admissions outreach advisor about how the Kent State online MPH with the optional Graduate Certificate in LGBTQ+ Public Health can help increase your professional impact and career satisfaction.