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Public health careers are broad and varied, and for those who are passionate about changing lives for the better, they present an immense opportunity to fill growing needs in the field. A Master of Public Health degree demonstrates your pursuit of advanced knowledge, desire to lead and a set of professional skills needed to succeed in a variety of healthcare careers and public health roles.

Set yourself apart in a field that’s expected to see unprecedented growth in the next several years.1

By putting you in touch with peers from diverse professional backgrounds, broadening your knowledge and challenging your understanding of how public health functions across different sectors, an MPH from Kent State University can help you build the confidence and competence to succeed in a number of public health careers.

MPH Outcomes by the Numbers

Because master’s degree holders nationally earn, on average, 18% more in salary than those with bachelor’s degrees alone,2 a Master of Public Health degree could help you reach salary outcomes at or near the upper end of these ranges.

Average MPH graduate salary3
National average post-graduation salary for Epidemiologists4
National average post-graduation salary
for Medical Writers5
National average post-graduation salary for Hospital Administrators6
National average post-graduation salary for Management Policy Advisors7
National average post-graduation salary for Chief Medical Officers8

Top Employment Sectors for MPH Graduates9-12

MPH graduates can be found in many employment sectors, with different industries and career roles based on the degree concentration. In general, the top sectors for MPH graduates are:

  • Federal, state and local government
  • Life sciences research and development organizations
  • Hospitals; state, local and private
  • Healthcare organizations
    • Individual and family services
    • Nursing and residential care facilities

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Health Policy and Management
Social and Behavioral Sciences


Tony Eljallad MPH Graduate

Tony Eljallad MPH ’17

“Working in the field, you learn to master your role in public health. The MPH program opens your mind up to the entire public health system, so you understand why your role exists and understand many of the required policies associated with your profession.”

Epidemiology Career Paths

Our MPH graduates who have specialized in Epidemiology have gone on to pursue roles that include:

  • Researchers in universities, medical schools, and pharmaceutical companies
  • Disease prevention specialists in hospitals
  • Surveillance managers in state and local health departments

Epidemiology Program Overview

HPM Career Paths

Online MPH graduates who have specialized in Health Policy and Management (HPM) have gone on to pursue roles that include:

  • Policy analysis in health planning organizations and governmental agencies
  • Health maintenance organizations
  • Emergency management
  • Health insurance companies
  • Occupational health and safety services
  • Health education
  • Administrative and management positions in:
    • Hospitals
    • Clinics
    • State and local health departments
    • Nursing homes
    • Mental health facilities

HPM Program Overview

SBS Career Paths

Graduates of the online MPH program who specialized in Social and Behavioral Sciences (SBS) have been successful in the following careers:

  • Health education and promotion programs
  • Clinical and nonprofit settings
  • Program design and evaluation
  • Curriculum development for state and local health departments, corporate wellness programs, hospitals, international health agencies, mental health centers, and nonprofit organizations
  • Public or government agencies
  • Occupational health and safety services
  • Individual health coaching and business ownership

SBS Program Overview

What can you do with a Master of Public Health?

Public health infographic thumbnail
Check out our infographic for six ways in which an MPH can help your career grow.

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