Take Your Place in the Booming Healthcare Field

The healthcare and social assistance sector is expected to outpace all other sectors through the decade's end. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projections show this sector will create 45% of new U.S. jobs through 2032.1

Healthcare Compliance Careers Stand Out in an Expanding Industry

As increased governmental oversight reshapes healthcare, the landscape for compliance professionals is rife with opportunity. Grounded in the United States Sentencing Commission Guidelines, this growing field demands experts who can apply federal, state, and local regulations to the rapidly changing healthcare landscape. Demand is booming, with healthcare management roles forecast to grow 28% through 2032.2

Fuel Your Career with Focused Healthcare Compliance Expertise

Boost organizational compliance and your career trajectory with Kent State’s Online Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Compliance. Master key regulations to confidently navigate operational complexities and lead in this rapidly expanding healthcare administration specialty—all in as few as three semesters. The convenient and affordable online healthcare compliance program can help you prepare for such roles as these:

  • Healthcare Privacy Analyst3
  • Health Privacy Specialist4
  • Compliance Specialist5
  • Compliance Auditor6
  • Compliance Program Manager7
  • Privacy Officer8
  • Director of Compliance9

The Support You Need to Succeed

Kent State's online healthcare compliance certificate program prepares you with the skills to devise, manage and evaluate compliance frameworks in various healthcare settings. Coursework in healthcare law and regulation, privacy and security, and healthcare compliance practices helps you adeptly navigate healthcare regulations.

Prepare for the Certified in Healthcare Compliance (CHC) Exam

Designed by top compliance experts and taught by faculty with compliance certifications, this program also includes a one-year Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA) membership, discounted exam fees and a free copy of the Complete Healthcare Compliance Manual.

Real Skills, Real Impact

Beyond preparing for certification, you can gain tangible healthcare compliance experience through the optional practicum course. With flexible online coursework and dedicated support for practicum placements, this program ensures you’re both knowledgeable and experienced, ready to advance within the healthcare industry.

Learn more about the program

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Chart Your Healthcare Compliance Career Path Across the Industry

The skills you gain in Kent State’s online Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Compliance will open career doors across the health services industry. You will find numerous options for professional growth and satisfaction. Employers, including these, need trained healthcare compliance professionals:

  • Hospitals
  • Health systems
  • Medical groups/physician practices
  • Long-term/palliative/eldercare organizations
  • Behavioral health organizations
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Consulting firms
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Leading Organizations Value Your Compliance Expertise

Some top organizations that hire professionals with healthcare compliance expertise include:

  • Johnson & Johnson10
  • Kaiser Permanente11
  • Amazon Health Services3
  • ScionHealth12

Sample Healthcare Compliance Jobs*

Kent State's online Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Compliance prepares you for career-defining roles in patient privacy protection, compliance audit, and more. These representative job descriptions taken from recent listings give an idea of the range of roles where you can make a positive difference in how healthcare operates.

Compliance Consultant III - Privacy and Security

Employer: Kaiser Permanente11

Highlights: Primary functions for this role would include assisting with compliance reporting and investigation, implementing compliance efforts, and monitoring regulatory changes.

Healthcare Privacy Analyst

Employer: Amazon Health Services3

Highlights: The successful candidate for this role would define and implement mechanisms to protect customer health data, comply with applicable regulations, and reduce privacy risks.

Compliance Specialist

Employer: Alliance for Clinical Trial in Oncology Foundation5

Highlights: Helps draft and implement policies and procedures in a newly established compliance department. Activities include risk management, monitoring and auditing.

Director, Business Integrity Partner (Compliance)

Employer: ScionHealth12

Highlights: The professional in this role would lead and document compliance investigations, advise on regulatory risks and develop staff education programs in community and specialty hospitals.

Policy Compliance Program Manager

Employer: Health Plan of San Joaquin13

Highlights: This program manager would coordinate, conduct and document compliance oversight activities, including work plans, educational programs, and audits.

Start Making an Impact in Healthcare

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Gain Career Traction

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An Immersive Curriculum

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