Advance Your Career in the Expanding Healthcare Research Field

According to projections by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the healthcare and social assistance sector, which includes clinical research, will create 45% of new U.S. jobs through 2032, outpacing all other sectors.1 Researchers may be employed by hospitals, universities, or private companies in this employment sector.

Unlock Promising Opportunities in Clinical Research

Clinical research stands at the forefront of healthcare innovation, experiencing a surge in job growth and the emergence of new roles. As highlighted by O*Net Online, a U.S. Department of Labor-sponsored career resource, the dynamic expansion of this sector offers career opportunities.2

Achieve Your Clinical Research Career Goals

Elevate your clinical research career with Kent State’s online graduate certificate. Tailor your studies to fit your goals with clinical research, public health or research management topics. Complete this focused curriculum in as few as two semesters. The affordable, convenient online clinical research courses can help you prepare for such roles as these:

  • Institutional Review Board Administrator3
  • Clinical Trial Research Nurse Manager4
  • Regional Clinical Research Project Manager5
  • Clinical Trial Manager6
  • Clinical Research Coordinator7

Build the Skills to Improve Your Medical Career

Whether you seek to move into management, advance your understanding of research methods to carry out your own studies, or to effect a career change with an entry-level clinical research job, Kent State’s online Graduate Certificate in Clinical Research program helps you meet your career goals. Design your learning experience with the mentorship of the faculty of leading researchers and advance in your clinical research career.

Learn Online, Excel in Research

Build your resume with tangible clinical research experience through the optional practicum course. With flexible online coursework and dedicated support for practicum placements, this program ensures you’re both knowledgeable and experienced, ready to advance within clinical research.

Learn more about the program

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Chart Your Clinical Research Career Path in Diverse Healthcare Arenas

Kent State’s online Graduate Certificate in Clinical Research will help you build skills that are in demand across the health services industry. Leading organizations in these areas will welcome your expertise.

  • Research institutions
  • Healthcare providers and insurers
  • Schools and higher education institutions
  • Government agencies
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Global health organizations
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Top Organizations Seek Clinical Research Expertise

Some top organizations that hire professionals like you with clinical research expertise include:

  • Cleveland Clinic5
  • Kaiser Permanente4
  • Medpace6
  • The Mayo Clinic7

Representative Clinical Research Jobs

Accelerate your career with Kent State's online Graduate Certificate in Clinical Research. Focus your curriculum to help you excel in myriad research settings and roles. These sample job descriptions taken from recent listings illustrate the types of opportunities that await.

Clinical Trial Research Nurse Manager

Employer: Kaiser Permanente4

Highlights: This employer sought a nurse manager to assist in administrative leadership of the operational aspects of clinical trial programs. Oversee clinical trial research activities of non-physician research personnel.

Clinical Research Program Manager

Employer: Northwell Health8

Highlights: This program manager would lead clinical research activities under the direction of a physician; coordinate daily study activities. Lead training on practice, IRB, regulatory and grant requirements.

Clinical Trial Manager / Sr. Clinical Trial Manager

Employer: EPM Scientific9

Highlights: The successful candidate for this role would manage Phase 2 global oncology trials; assist in managing key study-related activities and deliverables; coordinate and contribute to the design of study materials and protocols.

Clinical Trial Specialist, Translational Medicine

Employer: Merck10

Highlights: This employer sought a researcher to partner with the early development clinical study team in the planning, execution, closeout and reporting activities for clinical trials. Accountable for selected critical-to-quality tasks.

Research Associate III

Employer: Public Health Institute11

Highlights: A professional in this role would provide research, evaluation and documentation support for scientific research and evaluation projects. Clean, code and analyze data and assist in preparing work products.

Start Making Your Impact in Clinical Research

To submit a successful application, follow the steps in the application checklist.

Gain Career Traction

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An Immersive Curriculum

Designed for busy working professionals and students seeking to expand their career options.

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