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You’re a seasoned healthcare specialist with wisdom that comes from experience. It’s time to make an even bigger difference. It’s time to move up.

Designed to be flexible for the working professional, Kent State’s online Bachelor of Science in Public Health program heightens your expertise and strengthens your résumé. A BSPH degree sets you apart and helps you get ahead in a growing field, as demand for credentialed public health leadership continues to increase.1

By the end of the professional practice classes, I had a usable resume, cover letter and all the preparation needed to get a job.
Jason Z., BSPH ‘18
Projected employment growth in medical and health services management, 2021-20311
Projected employment growth in healthcare occupations, 2021-20312
~2 million
New healthcare jobs expected, 2021-20312

Don’t wait to advance. Make the choice that can redefine your career.

By broadening your knowledge and challenging your understanding of how public health functions across different sectors, the online BSPH can improve your earning potential and expand your influence in a broad spectrum of public health careers.

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Bachelor of Science in Public Health Careers by the Numbers

Because people with a bachelor’s degree earn nearly 40% more than those without it,3 the online Bachelor of Science in of Public Health degree could help you reach salary outcomes at or near the upper end of these ranges:

Post-graduation salary range for Project Managers4
Post-graduation salary range for Healthcare Consultants4
Post-graduation salary range for Program Managers5
Post-graduation salary range for Clinical Trial Managers6

Allied Health Careers with a Bachelor of Science in Public Health

An online Bachelor of Science in Public Health with an Allied Health concentration prepares you for a range of rewarding careers. Allied Health specialists can go on to become:

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Public Health Educators

Design and implement health education programs in communities and organizations to promote healthy behavior and prevent disease.
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Community Health Workers

Provide education on healthy behaviors, connect people with healthcare resources and advocate for policies to improve health outcomes in individuals and communities.
Two women and one man seated in health care facility talking smiling with papers

Health Services Managers

Oversee the operations of healthcare organizations including hospitals, clinics and public health agencies: manage budgets, hire staff and ensure regulatory compliance.
Woman in glasses seated at desk reading papers in front of laptop

Health Policy Analysts

Working for government agencies, advocacy organizations, or healthcare providers, develop and evaluate policies that affect healthcare delivery and public health.

Bachelor of Science in Public Health Careers: Health Services Administration

Within the online BSPH program, a concentration in Health Services Administration (HSA) can position you for diverse opportunities in healthcare administration, management and policy. They include:

Healthcare administrator holding clipboard standing next to female surgeon wearing stethoscope

Healthcare Administrators

Manage the operations of hospitals, clinics and long-term care facilities: oversee budgets, personnel and facility maintenance, and ensure regulatory compliance.
Close up of hands using tablet displaying medical records

Health Information Managers

Organize and manage healthcare data: oversee electronic health record and billing systems, ensure data security and privacy, and develop policies for information management.
Man and woman seated at desk looking at desktop computer screen

Quality Improvement Coordinators

Work to improve quality of healthcare: develop and implement improvement initiatives, collect and analyze data to identify areas for improvement and train staff on best practices.
Three healthcare industry workers holding tablets

Program Managers

Oversee community health initiatives, health education programs and disease prevention programs: develop program goals and objectives, manage budgets and oversee staff.

Clinical Trials Research Careers with a Bachelor of Science in Public Health

If your passion is in research, choose the Clinical Trials Research concentration in the online BSPH program. It will hone your skills in preparation for positions such as these:

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Clinical Research Associates

Collaborate with clinical research coordinators and investigators to design and implement clinical trials: monitor study sites for compliance, review data and prepare reports.
Close up of hand filling out forms on clipboard

Regulatory Affairs Specialists

Work to ensure regulatory compliance in clinical research and drug development: prepare and submit documents, communicate with regulatory agencies and manage regulatory processes.
Two women and a man working in front of transparent dry erase board

Data Managers

Manage and analyze data from clinical trials: develop data collection systems, clean and manage data, and analyze data to identify trends and patterns.
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Healthcare Consultants

Identify and address issues related to clinical research and healthcare delivery and policy: advise on clinical trial design, data analysis and policy development.

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