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Student Spotlight: Bianca K.

June 02, 2017

1. Could you please share a short background about yourself?

I graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in political science from Youngstown State University, during which I was fortunate to obtain an internship with U.S. Congressman Bill Johnson OH-06. Following my academic internship, I was hired on as staff, where I worked for over four years as a staff assistant and field representative. Recently, I changed careers and am currently employed as a project coordinator at a community-based nonprofit that’s focused on helping individuals and families struggling with addiction. I have worked full time throughout the program.

2. How is your experience with the program so far?

I began my career as a graduate student in public administration and quickly realized my deep interest in public health. While the process of transferring could have been taxing, the coordination between my Admissions Advisors and Student Success Coordinator was flawless. The transition was effortless, because each individual did their part to ensure that I was on track.

This was not a unique experience during my time at Kent State. Completing a degree completely online presents unique challenges, but the faculty and staff have made me feel as though I am not alone throughout the entire process, with various phone calls and emails to check in and ensure everything is going smoothly.

3. What has been your favorite part of the program? Do you have a favorite course?

I don’t believe I have a favorite class, as I have greatly enjoyed them all. I am enjoying working on my practicum very much.

4. What made you choose to study online for your Master of Public Health degree?

The convenience of being able to work on my courses at my own pace and on my own schedule was undoubtedly the greatest appeal of the online Master of Public Health program. Similar to my peers who also work full time, this flexibility allowed me to utilize my evenings and, most often, weekends to complete my coursework. Overall, this program is very friendly to students employed full time.

5. Would you recommend this program?

I would absolutely recommend this program to others.

6. What are your career plans after you graduate with your master’s?

As I have recently entered the public health field, I hope to continue in my current career, taking on new roles and responsibilities as they are made available.

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