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Increase Your Impact: Step into Leadership in Healthcare Management

February 18, 2024
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In the sphere of public health and healthcare, the work behind the scenes is just as critical as the hands-on care clients receive. The impact of policy and management professionals extends far beyond the confines of any single treatment or facility. Whether navigating the complexities of healthcare legislation or launching public health initiatives, MPH health policy and management professionals are making fundamental differences in the lives of entire communities.

If you are a mid-career professional with a healthcare or business background, an MPH degree can help you transition into roles of greater influence and contribute to significant public health advancements. With an academic foundation that empowers your journey, Kent State University’s online MPH in Health Policy and Management is your gateway to becoming a leader in healthcare reform. Continue reading to uncover how this advanced degree can help you move into leadership in healthcare management and support meaningful progress in public health policy.

Diverse Opportunities in Public Health Management

Public health professionals navigate a vast landscape, from advancing health policy reform to spearheading public health initiatives. Their endeavors range from formulating global health policy to addressing ethical issues in healthcare management. This diversity of focus areas demonstrates the dynamic opportunities available for creating substantial public benefit, underscoring the field's vast potential for societal impact.

Careers in Health Policy and Management

Experts in health policy and management have a broad arena to apply their skills, from analyzing healthcare legislation within government agencies to enhancing healthcare quality and patient safety in hospitals. Their work often intersects with critical public health initiatives, aiming to streamline operations and influence policy reforms for better health outcomes.

In addition, the field extends to emergency management and health insurance companies, where professionals utilize healthcare policy analysis tools to navigate financial and ethical issues in healthcare management. The versatility of this sector enables practitioners to contribute profoundly, whether in direct patient care settings, health insurance management or broader regulatory settings.

Essential Skills for Healthcare Leadership

Public health professionals aiming for leadership in healthcare management must master diverse skills. Required healthcare leadership skills include excellence in communication, negotiation, and decision-making. These skills are foundational in developing and executing public health campaigns and enhancing healthcare quality and patient safety.

Moreover, leaders need a solid grasp of health economics and policy development to effectively address global health policy and ethical issues in healthcare management. Mastery in these areas ensures the ability to analyze health insurance policies, advocate for health policy reform, and guide public health initiatives, truly supporting improved public health.

Build Your Leadership Skills with an Online MPH

Kent State University offers a pathway to excellence in public health with its online Master of Public Health (MPH) in Health Policy and Management. You can complete this academically rigorous yet flexible program, encompassing 46 credit hours, in as little as two years. The curriculum is skillfully divided among six core courses, five specialization courses, elective opportunities and a capstone of practical experiences, providing both breadth and depth in public health education.

The program begins with foundational core courses such as Biostatistics in Public Health, Community Health Needs Assessment and Public Health Administration. This foundational framework is pivotal for advancing into the more specialized courses within the Health Policy and Management concentration, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of public health fundamentals.

Specialization courses, including Financial Management for Public Health Organizations and Public Health Policy, Law and Ethics, refine students' focus on health policy and management. Options for customizing the degree through tailored electives and the inclusion of real-world applications in the Applied Practice Experience prepare students thoroughly for leadership roles. Graduates are equipped to navigate the complexities of healthcare systems, enact meaningful policy reforms, and ultimately lead advances in health policy and management.

Laying the Groundwork: Understand Kent State's Masters in Public Health Requirements

Embarking on your graduate journey with Kent State University’s online MPH program is straightforward. To apply, simply submit a completed application form, three recommendation letters, an undergraduate transcript, a goal statement, a professional resume, and a $45 application fee. The program currently has no GRE requirement, simplifying your path toward career advancement in public health.

Career Paths with an online MPH in Health Policy and Management

Graduates of the Kent State University online MPH in Health Policy and Management are well-positioned for various roles, ranging from policy analysis in governmental agencies to leadership positions in health maintenance organizations, health insurance companies, and emergency management. Their expertise is crucial in shaping healthcare legislation and implementing public health initiatives.

The roles encompass a broad spectrum, from overseeing hospital operations and financial aspects to advising on policy development and analysis. Professionals in these fields ensure the smooth running of healthcare facilities and contribute significantly to improving public health through effective management and policy support, embodying the vital intersection of healthcare management best practices and global health policy and management.

On average and across disciplines, individuals with a master's degree earn 21% higher salaries than those with just a bachelor's degree, highlighting the financial benefits of graduate education.1 Specifically, graduates who attain medical and health services manager roles can expect an average salary of $104,830.2 Hospital administrators and health policy advisors have national average salaries of $93,7073 and $104,760,4 respectively.

Realize Your Career Goals with Kent State’s online MPH

In the field of public health, you have myriad opportunities to create meaningful public health benefits. Whether you're interested in working with government agencies, hospitals, health insurance companies, or emergency management, your health policy and management expertise will help you grow and thrive professionally in the coming years.

If you're seeking to move from a direct care or administrative position into a role with broader impact, earning an MPH is a strategic move towards leadership roles within healthcare. Embrace the next evolution in your healthcare career with Kent State University's online Master of Public Health (MPH) in Health Policy and Management.

The CEPH-accredited program perfectly aligns with mid-career healthcare professionals' motivations with a curriculum that champions excellence and real-world application. Kent State’s online MPH program also offers you the flexibility and affordability you need to achieve your goals while you keep up with your other career and life obligations. Become the transformative force in healthcare you've always wanted to be. Start your journey by completing your application or speaking with an admissions outreach advisor today.