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How an Online MPH in Epidemiology Can Elevate Your Career

January 25, 2024
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Epidemiologists navigating the complex landscape of public health need specialized knowledge and management skills to support their commitment to community health. Learn how Kent State University's online Master of Public Health (MPH) with an Epidemiology specialization can help you empower yourself with these skills, paving the way for your professional growth and career advancement in public health.

Career Prospects with an Epidemiology Master’s

An MPH in Epidemiology can open diverse career paths in the public health sector, in settings including hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, universities, medical schools, and state and local health departments.1 Epidemiologists play pivotal roles in managing health crises. Their work in identifying disease patterns, conducting investigations, formulating public health policies, and building community education programs is critical to global health outcomes.

Graduates of epidemiology master’s programs will find many fulfilling career options. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has forecast 27% growth in epidemiology roles through 2032.2 Importantly, The U.S. Department of Education’s Institute of Education Sciences has found that people with a master’s degree or above earn median salaries that are 21% higher on average than those with a bachelor’s degree.3 In the field of public health, a master’s degree can accelerate your earnings potential along with your career trajectory. Explore the possibilities in this roundup of Nine Rewarding Epidemiology Jobs.

Skills Needed for an Epidemiology Career

Your career success in epidemiology is built on a diverse set of essential skills. These include proficiency in epidemiology research methods, sharp analytical abilities for data processing, facility in planning and directing public health studies, communication skills to share findings, and management skills for administering public health programs.

Kent State's online MPH in Epidemiology offers a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills to help you excel in the field. Covering a wide range of epidemiology study areas, the curriculum provides insights into disease causality, outbreak investigation, health policy development, community education initiatives, and more.

Building Blocks for a Successful Epidemiology Career

Core courses in KSU’s Online MPH Epidemiology Specialization give students a solid base for future career development. Classes on Biostatistics in Public Health and Public Health Epidemiology give you a strong understanding of public health research methods. These foundational courses pave the way for jobs like clinical research coordinator and research associate.

Other core courses and the program’s elective classes offer a broader view of public health concerns and career paths, helping you understand and prepare for different careers with an epidemiology master’s degree.

Advanced Epidemiology Courses Fuel Diverse Careers

The advanced epidemiology courses in Kent State’s online MPH delve deeper into specialized sub-areas within the field. Subjects including chronic and infectious diseases are crucial epidemiology study areas if you're aiming for job titles such as public health epidemiologist or infectious disease epidemiologist.

The Principles of Epidemiologic Research and Applied Regression Analysis of Public Health Data courses equip you with the analytical skills to interpret data for program design, evaluation, and public policy formation. These skills and frameworks are critical for biostatisticians and data scientists in public health.

Practicum: Applying Classroom Knowledge in Real Life

The capstone of the MPH epidemiology curriculum is the Applied Practice Experience. Here, you can engage in epidemiology fieldwork that aligns with your professional interests. This kind of opportunity, offered by the best epidemiology graduate programs, lets you apply the research methods and public health concepts you've learned through your coursework to real-life situations.

Armed with this comprehensive training, Kent State online MPH Epidemiology graduates are well-positioned to successfully navigate the growing job market and respond dynamically to the evolving demands of public health.

Advantages of the Online MPH in Epidemiology at Kent State

The online Master of Public Health program at Kent State University offers an affordable, practical pathway to success and leadership in public health epidemiology careers. This CEPH-accredited program provides a robust course structure, complete with advanced epidemiology courses and real-world fieldwork experience, all under the tutelage of Kent State’s faculty of expert public health researchers and practitioners.

With Kent State University's online MPH in Epidemiology program, you can enjoy the flexibility of an online learning environment without compromising on course quality or academic rigor. Complete your degree in as few as two years while keeping up with your other career and family commitments.

When you graduate, you’ll be empowered to navigate the epidemiology job market competently and make significant contributions to the field.

The Importance of Epidemiology in Public Health

Trained epidemiologists support and uplift public health in local communities and around the globe. From conducting pivotal research to guiding effective policy-making, their contributions are multi-layered and far-reaching. For instance, during the COVID-19 pandemic, epidemiologists were instrumental in shaping public responses, forecasting health trends, and managing resources.

Embrace Graduate Opportunities in Public Health with Kent State

An MPH in Epidemiology can open doors to diverse roles in public health. Graduates from Kent State have successfully moved into roles including healthcare administrator, social services director, systems analyst, financial analyst and more.

Elevate your public health career and impact with Kent State University's online MPH in Epidemiology. Make a difference in the world of public health and create a lasting impact. Speak with an admissions outreach advisor to learn more about how you can become part of the program.