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Did you know that Kent State University has 30 fully online graduate degrees? Learn more about all our online graduate degrees below.

And keep in mind! This keeps growing all the time. Visit our List of Graduate Degrees for the most up-to-date listing.

Kent State University Online Graduate Programs

Accounting - Master of Science - College of Business Administration

The online Master of Science in Accounting degree is for students interested in specializing in accounting. More than just debits and credits, the MSA program promotes critical thinking, hands-on application of technology, effective communication skills, and ethical decision-making. It prepares future professionals for challenging and rewarding careers.

Art Education - Master of Arts - College of the Arts

The online Master of Arts in Art Education is designed for Pre-K-12 art educators in public and private schools, museums, and enrichment classes who wish to continue with graduate study in the field of art education. Licensed art education teachers who complete an art education master’s degree at Kent State University develop a focused competence in the visual arts as well as an intellectual understanding of the history and current issues of the field of art education. Students complete a course on quantitative and qualitative approaches to research and then select to do a research study with a thesis or a master’s project option.

Aviation Management and Logistics - Master of Science - College of Aeronautics and Engineering

The online Master of Science degree in Aviation Management and Logistics prepares graduates to perform at an advanced level in organizations that move people and/or goods via air transport. This degree is perfect for working professionals or those about to graduate with a bachelor’s degree. This program prepares students for management and aviation operations and was designed in response to the significant increase in the transportation of people and goods by air transport. Students in the program examine the business of aviation logistics and its role in the global supply chain. In addition, they learn the techniques necessary to understand and develop an aviation logistics model for producing an accurate and effective forecast for the demand for aviation services.

Business Administration - Online MBA - College of Business Administration

The modular, eight-week course structure allows you to enroll in any semester and study at your own pace. The online Master of Business Administration (MBA) offers a case-based curriculum, a flexible schedule, academic advisors who are always willing to help, access to an MBA career coach, digital career services offerings, and an online speaker series. The online MBA offers access to a full range of resources also offered to in-person graduate students.

Business Analytics - Master of Science - College of Business Administration

The online Master of Science degree in Business Analytics provides students with a comprehensive knowledge of analytics that balances the technologies, analytical methods, and business expertise needed to glean useful information from data to make strategic business decisions. The language of business today is dependent on information and data management, and the emergence of advanced technologies for capturing, preparing, and analyzing data provides unprecedented opportunities for those with business analytics expertise that spans all industries and organizations.

Clinical Epidemiology - Master of Science - College of Public Health

Prepare to drive innovative, life-saving research. In the online Master of Science in Clinical Epidemiology program, you’ll learn the clinical practices, analytical methods, and regulatory guidelines necessary to conduct clinical research aimed at understanding disease prevention, development, prognosis, and treatment.

Criminology and Criminal Justice - Master of Arts - College of Arts and Sciences

The online Master of Arts in Criminology and Criminal Justice program helps prepare you for the diverse career paths associated with criminology, or the theoretical exploration of crime, as well as the practical application and execution of criminal justice policies, policing, and corrections practices, victim advocacy initiatives, and contemporary global security measures.

Cultural Foundations - Master of Education - College of Education, Health and Human Services

The online Master of Education degree in Cultural Foundations explores education through a range of disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives: philosophy of education, history of education, sociology of education, comparative/international education, anthropology of education, gender studies, multicultural studies, and religious studies. Students examine the social contexts of education, with particular emphasis on structural inequalities, issues of access and the distribution of educational opportunity, normative considerations about the purposes of education, and the transformative potential of education.

Curriculum and Instruction - Master of Education - College of Education, Health and Human Services

The online Master of Education degree in Curriculum and Instruction provides a wide range of graduate study opportunities in the progressive, research-based curriculum and teaching practices. The program prepares educators for continuing professional development, education in a multicultural society, and leadership for curriculum reform and renewal.

Educational Psychology - Master of Education - College of Education, Health and Human Services

The online Master of Education degree in Educational Psychology provides advanced study for students interested in the application of psychological principles to learning and instruction. It encompasses a variety of different disciplines, including cognitive psychology, human development, and learning theory. Students are exposed to the latest research findings regarding how people learn most effectively and efficiently. They also apply these principles to the design of instruction and study how to most accurately assess different types of learning.

Educational Technology - Master of Education - College of Education, Health and Human Services

The online Master of Education degree in Educational Technology is appropriate for teachers who wish to develop greater sophistication with technologies and want to use them effectively in their classrooms. It is also an excellent choice for those who want to develop skills in fields such as instructional design, corporate training, multimedia production, web development, administration of technology centers, and other positions that involve the instructional application of information and communications technologies.

Geographic Information Science (GISc) - Master of Science - College of Arts and Sciences

The online Master of Arts in Geographic Information Science (GISc) program helps prepare you with skills that extend beyond simply understanding software features or capabilities. Whether you are entering the field of GISc or looking to further your career, you can develop a more robust understanding of how GISc functions across different sectors and have a positive impact on some of the greatest global challenges of our age, including climate change, transportation, public health and more.

Health Informatics - Master of Science - College of Communication and Information

As part of the online Master of Science degree in Health Informatics, you’ll have the opportunity to delve into an innovative, technology-driven field that’s reshaping the healthcare industry. Much of the work in health informatics is focused on using the advancements of modern technology to find new solutions for existing problems in areas like biomedical science, public health, and patient care.

Hospitality and Tourism Management - Master of Science - College of Education, Health and Human Services

The online Master of Science degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management provides an integrated hospitality and tourism education with an emphasis on regional, national and global implications of the field. The curriculum combines specialty classes in hospitality and business management, preparing graduates for well-compensated positions as managers in restaurants, hotels, conference centers, country clubs, and other hospitality venues.

Interprofessional Leadership - Doctor of Education - College of Education, Health and Human Services

The online Doctor of Education degree in Interprofessional Leadership promotes the study of leadership from an interprofessional perspective. Our approach is framed around questions of equity, ethics, and social justice and focuses on developing solutions to complex problems of practice. The program prepares leaders who can construct and apply knowledge to make a positive difference in the lives of individuals, families, organizations, and communities.

Journalism Education - Master of Arts - College of Communication and Information

The online Master of Arts degree in Media and Journalism, Journalism Education concentration, is offered fully online and is intended for those seeking to teach journalism or advise student media. The program is affiliated with Kent State’s Center for Scholastic Journalism, and faculty include some of the most recognized high school journalism educators in the country. The coursework focuses on concepts and lessons that can be used in a teacher’s classroom right away. From coaching a novice news writer to gaining strategies to protect students’ First Amendment rights, the range of course content covers what teachers and advisers need to know to be effective journalism educators.

Knowledge Management - Master of Science - College of Communication and Information

The online Master of Science degree in Knowledge Management prepares professionals to serve as leaders in all types of organizations who can assess and evaluate organizations on knowledge management principles, including culture, learning, communities, and maturity. Graduates will be able to build strategies for effective knowledge management for organizations.

Latin - Master of Arts - College of Arts and Sciences

The online Master of Arts degree program in Latin, with an online concentration in Literature, offers professional development for current and aspiring Latin teachers, as well as preparation for students who wish to pursue scholarly research in Classical Studies at the Ph.D. level. The program may be completed in two years of full-time study; part-time students are welcome.

Liberal Studies - Master of Arts - College of Arts and Sciences

The online Master of Liberal Studies degree provides students with a unique opportunity to study at the graduate level in fields that are of interest and use to them. Under the guidance of the program’s director, students select courses from across disciplines in the university to form their own individualized and integrated program of study.

Library and Information Science - Master of Science - College of Communication and Information

The online Master of Library and Information Science degree prepares students for professional positions in public, academic, special, and school libraries; archives; museums; and other types of information agencies, organizations, and companies. Many MLIS graduates go on to positions in other areas of the information field besides libraries in research, for example, or publishing, information management, competitive business intelligence, and other fields. An accredited MLIS degree is the basic requirement for professional employment in most libraries and information centers.

Music Education - Master of Music - College of the Arts

The online Master of Music degree in Music Education is designed to offer music teachers the opportunity to develop and refine their professional skills. The degree program allows for enhancement and specialization relative to music teaching and learning in contemporary school contexts. The program does not provide licensure and is constructed for those who have a music education background and the desire to improve the student and teacher experience in music classroom settings.

Nursing - Master of Science - College of Nursing

The online Master of Science in Nursing degree meets the educational eligibility requirements for national certification in the respective area of study. The degree program can be completed in four to five semesters (two full academic years) for full-time students. Part-time students typically take three to four years to complete the program.

Nursing Practice - Doctorate - College of Nursing

The online Doctor of Nursing Practice degree is the terminal degree for nurses who want to advance their knowledge of nursing practice, gain exceptional leadership and technology skills, and become clinical scholars. Students develop leadership skills to improve health outcomes for individuals and populations by translating scientific evidence into clinical interventions, managing healthcare systems, and collaborating with other healthcare providers.

Public Administration - Master of Arts - College of Arts and Sciences

The online Master of Arts degree in Public Administration is designed for busy working professionals who want to gain the knowledge, skills, and credibility necessary to advance a career in the public sector. Using learning techniques that help you apply what you learn in real-time, this program positions you for senior management positions in local, state, and regional governments, as well as in nonprofit organizations.

Public Health - Master of Public Health - College of Public Health

In the online Master of Public Health program, you’ll build and strengthen your expertise in advocacy, research, and policy implementation. With your degree, you’ll be an authority who can shape each day’s events and influence response to them.

Research, Measurement, and Statistics - Master of Education - College of Education, Health and Human Services

The online Master of Education degree in Research, Measurement, and Statistics develops educators and specialists in the areas of assessment, measurement, research design, and program evaluation. The program serves teachers and administrators seeking applied measurement, research, and evaluation skills for use in schools (pre-kindergarten to grade 12) and in higher education. The program also serves professionals seeking careers in the areas of evaluation, research, and psychometrics.

School Library Media K-12 - Master of Science - College of Communication and Information

The online Master of Library and Information Science degree in School Library Media K-12 prepares students to apply for multi-age licensure in school library media. The program curriculum is based on both practice and theory and includes library science and educational technology courses. The theoretical content is aligned with the American Library Association, the American Association of School Librarians’ national standards, and the Ohio state standards for school libraries. Students who complete this graduate program are licensed to work at any level K-12 as a Library/Media specialist. Students are given opportunities to apply their learning in practical environments through a culminating experience and other options. Graduates are prepared to work in all types of libraries.

Special Education - Master of Education - College of Education, Health and Human Services

The online Master of Education degree in Special Education provides students with an advanced understanding of contemporary research and practice issues in special education. Students in the M.Ed. Special Education major will develop advanced skills in designing, implementing, and evaluating research-based practices that meet the special education needs of learners with disabilities; understanding the conceptual underpinnings of special education, as well as policies that guide its implementation in school and community settings; analyzing contemporary issues surrounding special education and the impact of exceptionality on individuals and their families; and understanding the roles that research plays in special education theory.

Translation - Master of Arts - College of Arts and Sciences

The online Master of Arts degree in Translation prepares students for careers in translation, localization, terminology management, project management, and a variety of additional career paths involving multilingual communication in the language industry. Available online concentrations/languages available in Arabic, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, German, and French.

User Experience Design - Master of Science - College of Communication and Information

As the demand for user experience designers rises, the online Master of Science in User Experience Design can provide you with a solid understanding of the usability, content strategy, information architecture and user research needed to help set yourself apart and advance your career in UX design.

Kent State University Online Degrees

Kent State University is a pioneer in online and distance education, offering its first online program more than 15 years ago. Kent State now offers more than 60 online degree and online certificate programs, unmatched by most peer universities with new online programs and online degrees continually added.

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