The Future of Public Administration

Mark Cassell answers, “What is public administration at Kent State?”

Find the blueprint to better administrations with an MPA.

It’s no secret. The public’s confidence in the government is on the decline. In fact, a stifling 76 percent of citizens believe that political corruption is a critical problem facing us today. According to Kent State University professor Mark Cassell though, “When we talk about failed states, what we’re talking about is failed administrations.”

In an era when politicians are often viewed as untrustworthy, in favor of their own interests over the interests of the communities and people they represent, the importance of ethical practices and leadership becomes vital.

The future of public administration can go in many directions. It’s up to those pursuing public roles to shape them into a form that more people can get behind and trust. “Those challenges of building an infrastructure—building institutions that have the legitimacy of the population, but also the efficiency of getting things solved and done—that is paramount,” says Cassell.

With this in mind, an important aspect of the Master of Public Administration program at Kent State University is to empower tomorrow’s leaders of public and private administrations with the best practices and tools to better serve the population.

As Cassell says, “That’s what makes an MPA program work. And that’s what makes Kent State’s online MPA program work.”

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