Eight Reasons to Take an Online Summer Course at Kent State University

Three, five and eight-week sessions!

Registration is now open at Kent State University for all summer courses. The best way to take a course during the summer is online! Read on for eight reasons to take an online summer course at Kent State University.

1) Graduate sooner

Taking an online summer course may help you get ahead and shave some time off a future semester. Remember to always check with your advisor first!

2) Try a class as a guest student

Not sure if Kent State University is right for you? You can take a class as a guest student and try it out.

Are you currently enrolled at a college or university that is NOT Kent State University? A guest student is defined as a student currently enrolled at another college or university and who wishes to enroll at Kent State University to take a summer class only.

To apply as a guest student, visit our apply now page and choose the Post-undergraduate, Non-Degree Guest Student option from our drop-down menu. Once you have received your Kent State ID, you can follow these instructions on the Help Desk website to create a default password.

3) Get general electives completed sooner

Get some of your general electives done over the summer and out of the way to lighten your course load in the fall.

4) Earn additional credits

Take an online summer course to earn additional credits, whether it’s a course you’d like to take to look good on your resume or additional credits you need for a double major. Use the summer to set yourself up for success!

5) Keep your momentum going

Taking a summer off from classes can sometimes make it difficult to get back on track in the fall. Take an online summer class and stay in the groove! You’ll help eliminate the need to get back into the swing of things come fall.

6) Catch up!

Did you change your major during the school year or just need to get caught up with some credit hours? Take an online summer course to make up some credit hours and get ahead with credit hours for the upcoming semester.

7) Set your own schedule

A great benefit of an online summer class is that most are asynchronous, meaning they might not have a set time to meet. You can do the coursework on your schedule, and at your convenience, as long as you hit your professor’s deadlines. You can fit an online summer class around your other summer plans like work, vacations, or pool days!

8) You can still enjoy your summer!

Kent State University offers three, five, and eight-week online summer classes, with three different start dates during the summer. You can choose the length of time and time of summer to best fit your needs. Remember to also have some fun!

Summer Sessions at Kent State University

Kent State University offers hundreds of online summer courses so you can catch up and get ahead this summer! Take an online summer course wherever you are this summer!

Important Summer Dates:


  • Start: May 18, 2023
  • End: June 7, 2023
  • Duration: 3 Weeks

Summer I

  • Start: June 8, 2023
  • End: July 12, 2023
  • Duration: 5 Weeks

Summer II

  • Start: June 8, 2023
  • End: August 2, 2023
  • Duration: 8 Weeks

Summer III

  • Start: July 13, 2023
  • End: August 16, 2023
  • Duration: 5 Weeks

View additional summer info on the summer FAQ page at www.kent.edu/summer/FAQ.

Browse the full course list and enroll in an online summer class at Kent State at www.kent.edu/summer.

Kent State University Online Degrees

Kent State University is a pioneer in online and distance education, offering its first online program more than 15 years ago. Kent State now offers about 80 online degree and certificate programs, with nearly 20 online minors, unmatched by most peer universities, with new online programs and degrees continually being added.

Earn your degree anytime, anywhere, with Kent State University’s online graduate degrees, online undergraduate degrees, and online certificate programs. Kent State Online brings together online programs and assistance for students, faculty, the community, and global audiences.

Kent State Online offers undergraduate degrees and certificate programs.

For more information on Kent State’s Online Degrees, visit https://www.kent.edu/online

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