Where to Find GIS Jobs

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Whether you thrive in the sunshine or the snow, near water or mountains, in big cities or under big sky, we have good news for you: there are geographic information science jobs all over the country.

As you envision your career and wonder where to find GIS jobs, explore several of the places you might call home after graduation.

Northwestern U.S.

Recent opportunities and locations:

  • Geospatial Engineer – Palo Alto, CA1
  • Hydraulic Modeler – Portland, OR2
  • Geomorphologist – Redmond, WA3

From the San Francisco Bay to Puget Sound and beyond, this culturally and environmentally diverse region is rich in opportunity. Enjoy exploring its mountains, old-growth forests, saltwater coastline, islands, waterfalls, rivers and freshwater lakes. Expand your culinary palate, savor festival season all year long, keep up with professional sports teams, and enjoy the breathtaking magic of the Alpenglow.

The Southwest

Recent opportunities and locations:

  • ArcGIS/GIS Developer - Los Angeles, CA4
  • GIS Integrity Program Analyst – Phoenix, AZ5
  • Geographic Information System Specialist – Albuquerque, NM6

Year-round sunshine and countless outdoor activities. The stunning scenery of desert, mountains and the Pacific coastline. Distinctive architecture. A deeply embedded blend of Spanish and Native American cultures, and the widespread sense that everyone here is lucky to be here. For those who have shoveled more than enough snow—or never want to start—the southwest can be a lifelong haven.

The Rocky Mountain States

Recent opportunities and locations:

  • Senior GIS Data Analyst – Englewood, CO7
  • Mapping Specialist – Las Vegas, NV8
  • Survey Project Manager – Helena, MT9

Combine your professional career with a life close to nature. The spectacular beauty of the wide open spaces here is the stuff of legend. You can ski, hike, climb, raft and snowboard without traveling to do it. From Denver to Billings to Boise and beyond, the variety of rural, urban and small-town life provides rich cultural options, and living surrounded by mountains and national parks means that the view is always changing, and always apt to take your breath away.

The Midwest

Recent opportunities and locations:

Imagine building your life and career where the cost of living is low and you genuinely like the people around you. In the Midwest, you’ll enjoy the distinct colors, traits and opportunities of each season. Revel in vibrant, multicultural college communities and the compelling, mysterious charm of country roads. Discover that work-life balance isn’t a myth, and then dive into your job and your leisure time with equal joy and energy.

New England

Recent opportunities and locations:

  • Senior CAD/GIS Analyst (Facilities Information Systems) – Cambridge, MA13
  • Project Manager/Senior Engineer, Drinking Water – Waterbury, VT14
  • GIS Analyst – Freeport, ME15

Thrive in the cradle of our country’s history, with the Atlantic Ocean on one side, Vermont’s Green Mountains and New Hampshire’s White Mountains on the other, and spectacular fall foliage nearly everywhere you look. Educational excellence, year-round cultural attractions, thriving sports scenes and astonishing natural beauty are among many highlights of life in New England—and you can’t beat the lobster. Or the chowder. Or the lighthouses.

The Mid-Atlantic

Recent opportunities and locations:

  • GIS Developer – Piscataway, NJ16
  • Senior GIS Engineer – Reston, VA17
  • GIS Architect/Developer – Washington, DC18

Live at the heart of the action or an easy commute from it. New York’s gorges and river valleys are magnificent throughout the year, and the excitement and cultural appeal of the city are world-famous. An easy train ride takes you to Philadelphia and Washington—the centers of American government—and the verdant areas surrounding them. Throughout the region, you’ll have the Atlantic coastline as your weekend getaway.

The Southeast

Recent opportunities and locations:

  • Geomatics Project Manager – Wilmington, NC19
  • GIS Consultant – New Orleans, LA20
  • GIS Analyst – Sarasota, FL21

Southern hospitality infuses life here. The winters range from mild to balmy, nature and architecture surround you with beauty, and the cuisine is world-class. (You might start with the many varieties of barbecue, the magic of shrimp and grits, and cocktails that make every meal a celebration.) You’ll be in easy distance of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Atlantic and Gulf shores, and there’s a lot to be said for living year-round in a vacation destination!

Map Out Your Career Plan

Kent State University’s online Master’s and Postbaccalaureate Certificates in Geographic Information Science can take you where you want to go. Gain the skills and expertise you need to advance your career in the location you choose—in local, state and federal government agencies, private sector consulting, healthcare and nonprofit organizations. Explore our curriculum and choose the concentration that fits your interests and goals.


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