Improve Health Equity and Expand Your Career Options
People standing in front of a "Rock" LGBTQ+ Statue
People standing in front of a "Rock" LGBTQ+ Statue
Improve Health Equity and Expand Your Career Options

Earn Your Graduate Certificate in LGBTQ+ Public Health Online

As a public health, social services or healthcare professional, you can help increase knowledge about the needs of the diverse LGBTQ+ population and improve healthcare services and public health outcomes for this underserved community.

The online Graduate Certificate in LGBTQ+ Public Health from the Kent State University College of Public Health is an ideal additional credential if you seek to provide direct services, employ research best practices, engage in policy analysis and reform, or more effectively manage or direct organizations and agencies that serve the LGBTQ+ community.

Course Delivery
100% online
Total Credits
Approximate Cost per Credit
$695 in state
$705 out of state
Time to Completion
Earn your certificate in as little as 2 semesters
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Kent Online Certificate in LGBTQ+ Public Health Program Details Sheet

Take your career to a higher level with Kent State’s affordable, flexible undergraduate and graduate public health programs. Our 100% online programs allow you to keep up with your current responsibilities while you study. Find out how these programs can help you create the career and positive public health impact you want to have.

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Learn with Ohio’s Public Health Innovators

Kent State University’s College of Public Health (CPH) has established a record of innovative approaches to public health education since it was started in 2009. It was the first college in Ohio to offer a Bachelor in Public Health degree and is accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH).

The College of Public Health continues to blaze new trails with the first and only public health-focused LGBTQ+ studies certificate program in the state of Ohio. The certificate is available as a standalone credential or as part of the Master of Public Health degree with a specialization in Health Policy and Management or Social and Behavioral Sciences. The flexible program’s asynchronous course delivery helps working professionals pursue their educational goals in tandem with their other commitments and responsibilities.

Kent State University is proud to be recognized for outstanding service to the extended military community, and all students, with the Military Friendly Silver Designation.

Jehlani W. Headshot
For me, LGBTQ+ Health is about earning trust, figuring out ways to build and mobilize communities, advocating, educating, and more. This program not only matters to me as a member of the LGBTQ+ community but as an LGBTQ+ advocate and researcher dedicated to empowering LGBTQ+, especially BIPOC, community members.
Jehlani W. (MPH with LGBTQ+ Public Health Graduate Certificate Candidate ‘24)

Get the Most from Your Educational Investment

Compare Kent State University's online LGBTQ+ Public Health graduate certificate to other programs focused on public health and you'll find it offers superior quality, flexibility and value. The two-semester program is focused on what you need to know as a working professional, and the total tuition for Ohio and out-of-state residents is under $10,000. In addition, the program's asynchronous course delivery and customizable integrative learning experience ensure the certificate will fit in with your commitments and meet your needs.

LGBTQ+ Health is Public Health

LGBTQ+ Studies Certificate Program Overview

Become an informed, effective practitioner and make a difference in the lives of LGBTQ+ community members with the 13-credit hour Kent State online LGBTQ+ Public Health graduate certificate. Identify and address health disparities for sexual and gender minorities by examining them through social, economic and structural lenses.

Learn to promote health and healthy behavior through community- and systems-level strategies as you develop valuable advocacy, communication and leadership skills.

Collaborate with faculty to design an integrative learning experience and gain the knowledge and skills to lead in this growing area of healthcare, public health research and policy in as little as two semesters.

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Master of Public Health Program Information

Develop a comprehensive suite of theoretical tools and frameworks to help you move the field of public health forward in the Kent State online Master of Public Health (MPH) program. The flexible, accredited and affordable program offers these degree specializations:

  • Epidemiology
  • Health Policy and Management
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences

The online Master of Public Health includes 14 courses totaling 46 credit hours. If you choose to pursue an MPH degree with a specialization in Health Policy and Management or Social and Behavioral Sciences, you can add the online LGBTQ+ studies certificate program to your coursework. All the coursework for the LGBTQ+ health studies graduate certificate will transfer to the MPH degree.

Learn more about the online MPH

Meet a Widespread Need in a Growing Field

Changes in the legal, cultural and demographic landscape of the United States have increased demand for a deeper understanding of the unique public health needs of LGBTQ+ communities and more culturally competent healthcare services providers.

Surveys by the Gallup organization and data from the Annie E. Casey Foundation indicate that 7.2% of the nearly 261 million U.S. adults identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender “or something other than heterosexual,” with younger demographic groups being more likely to identify themselves in one of those categories. According to Gallup, the percentage of adults identifying as LGBTQ+ has doubled in the last decade.1, 2

Increasing Recognition of Sexual and Gender Diversity

These sexual and gender minority populations have historically been poorly understood and poorly served. Not only have they faced cultural barriers to healthcare access including stigmatization and the denial of service, but they have also faced financial barriers including the lack of insurance and the high cost of care.3, 4

U.S. Adults Identifying as LGBTQ+
U.S. Adults 18 and Over in 2022

While significant progress has been made in recent years to address healthcare disparities among LGBTQ+ individuals, it's important to recognize that challenges still persist. The passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010 marked a significant step forward, as it eased some of the financial burdens faced by LGBTQ+ people by expanding employer insurance coverage for same-sex spouses and improving individual access to marketplace insurance coverage. Additionally, organizations like the American Nurses Association (ANA) have issued policy statements supporting equitable healthcare for LGBTQ+ individuals and have emphasized the importance of culturally competent care.5

Changing Times Drive Professional Demand

In response to evolving demographic trends and progressive government mandates and healthcare policies, there is a growing demand for skilled professionals who can effectively address the healthcare needs of diverse LGBTQ+ communities. To meet this increasing demand and make a meaningful impact in this field, consider enrolling in the Kent State online LGBTQ+ health policy graduate program.

Meet Community Needs with Help from Kent State

Kent State’s program is uniquely positioned to prepare you for a rewarding career in LGBTQ+ healthcare advocacy and policy. With a curriculum designed to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and cultural competence required to provide inclusive and equitable care, you will be well-prepared to serve LGBTQ+ individuals effectively. Become part of the positive change happening in LGBTQ+ healthcare.

ChrisTina Reed
As a queer-identifying individual who actualized two major LGBTQ+ medical programs in the Cleveland area, I can attest to the detrimental impact of the discrimination of LGBTQ+ identifying people. This marginalization translates to financial, legal, social, emotional and health disparities, leaving a large number of individuals struggling to survive. Kent State University is working to eliminate these disparities through the graduate certificate program in LGBTQ+ public health.
ChrisTina L. R., MA Director of LGBTQ+ & GenderCare at UHHS, Cleveland

Become an Effective Advocate for LGBTQ+ Public Health

Gain the skills you need to support this underserved population with the Kent State University online LGBTQ+ Public Health graduate certificate. Helping you through your graduate school journey is a top priority for Kent State, and our commitment to you begins with the admissions process. No GRE is required; instead, we rely on a holistic evaluation of your background and goals. We also purposefully designed our affordable program to allow you to study on your schedule and focus the certificate on your goals

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Achieve Your Goals on Your Terms

Kent State University understands that you have other demands on your time. That’s why the online LGBTQ+ Public Health graduate certificate program is designed to fit into your busy life. To help you get the education you need without putting your life on hold, Kent State’s flexible, affordable program offers:

  • 3 annual start dates
  • No GRE requirement
  • A powerful, user-friendly learning management system
  • 4 focused 7-week courses and a full-semester integrative learning experience

Because the courses in the online LGBTQ+ Public Health graduate certificate curriculum are focused and fast-paced, you can earn your certificate in as little as two semesters. Kent State can help you achieve your professional public health goals on your terms.

Phyllis Harris
Kent State’s graduate certificate program in LGBTQ+ Public Health has been an excellent platform for my professional development. It offers practical insights that I can readily apply to my role as Executive Director at the LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland. The program's lectures, readings and class discussion posts equip me with knowledge that directly complements my work, enabling me to link the assignments to support our organization’s everyday activities and deliver program excellence.
Phyllis "Seven" H. (LGBTQ+ Public Health Graduate Certificate Candidate ‘24)

What You Will Learn

Whether you work in healthcare, social services or public health, Kent State’s online LGBTQ+ Public Health graduate certificate is an excellent investment in yourself and your desire to serve. The skills and knowledge you will gain from the program can help you make a positive impact on the lives of others and empower you as a professional.

Through this program, you will acquire diverse skills and comprehensive knowledge that can not only enhance your career but also empower you to create a meaningful, positive impact on the lives of individuals within LGBTQ+ communities. Your journey in this program isn't just about education; it's about personal and professional transformation.

LGBTQ+ Public Health Graduate Certificate Program Outcomes

The program’s mix of information on foundational concepts in LGBTQ+ public health and the complex issues contributing to individual and public health disparities for members of LGBTQ+ communities helps you develop:

  • The cultural competence to effectively engage and interact with diverse, multi-dimensional populations to develop programs and deliver LGBTQ+ health interventions
  • Awareness of gaps in contemporary strategies for improving state, county and city government health and welfare services for LGBTQ+ people through understanding how sexual orientation and gender identity intersect with public health issues
  • Deep understanding of public health's unique role in LQBTQ+ health gained from examining multilevel contributors to health disparities and learning evidence-based approaches to advancing health in LGBTQ+ communities

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Career Outcomes with the LGBTQ+ Graduate Certificate

Invest in your professional growth and in shaping a healthier, more inclusive future with the affordable and convenient LGBTQ+ public health studies graduate certificate from Kent State. Graduates may pursue careers with:

  • Government agencies
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Research institutions
  • Advocacy centers
  • Healthcare providers and insurers
  • Schools and higher education institutions
  • Global health organizations

Learn more about potential careers in LGBTQ+ public health.

Build Your Skills With Public Health Experts

Kent State’s College of Public Health faculty bring years of diverse professional experience with them to inform your education. You’ll learn from expert public health practitioners and researchers who are moving public health forward with their work to understand and address the health disparities of LGBTQ+ communities through evidence-based public health practices.

Learn More About Kent State’s Faculty Experts

Tuition and Financial Aid

Ohio ResidentOut of State
Per Credit Hour$695$705
Approximate Program Cost$9,035*$9,165*

*Tuition and costs effective as of February 5, 2024. Tuition rates are not inclusive of textbooks and fees. Tuition and costs are subject to change and should be confirmed on the University’s official tuition listing at

An additional distance learning fee for all students enrolled in a distance learning course is $15 per credit hour. Program tuition and costs are estimated and subject to change. For comprehensive tuition information, please refer to the tuition rates posted on the Bursar’s website.

Kent State University recognizes that pursuing graduate education is a significant financial investment. Your admissions outreach advisor can answer your questions on program costs, discuss how a Kent State degree compares to others and connect you with financial aid representatives when you are ready to discuss your financial options.

Please contact an admissions outreach advisor for more information on tuition and fees either by email at or toll-free at +1 844‑234‑4073.

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Program Structure and Organization

The 13-credit-hour online LGBTQ+ Public Health graduate certificate comprises five courses, including the integrative learning experience. Four of the courses are 7-week courses, allowing you to take two classes per semester. The integrative learning experience is a full-semester course taken in your second semester.

Consolidate Your Learning With the Integrative Learning Experience

This course gives you the opportunity to design, implement and evaluate a 50-hour public health project, chosen in collaboration with the faculty. Devise a project suited to your career goals, including projects such as these:

  • Review workplace LGBTQ+ policies and provide evidence-based recommendations
  • Develop and implement an LGBTQ+ inclusive sexual health education program
  • Implement an LGBTQ+ cultural competency training program for healthcare colleagues
  • Assess health disparities among LGBTQ+ populations
  • Create an LGBTQ+ inclusive healthcare provider directory


SBS 54600 Emerging Issues in LGBTQ+ Public Health Practice (3 credit hours)

This course provides an overview of emerging issues in the field of LGBTQ+ public health practice within the unique cultural context of the LGBTQ+ community.

HPM 53010 Community Health Needs Assessment (3 credit hours)

This course covers concepts and methods relevant to community health needs assessment and community health improvement. Topics include systems thinking, the use of quantitative and qualitative methods, primary and secondary data and the role of community assessment in current national policy including the Affordable Care Act. Students will draw from multiple disciplines to assess health status and its social, behavioral, and environmental determinants, needs for health services, and the capacity and resources of the local community. Students will also learn to facilitate and evaluate the use of data for decision-making by partnerships, organizations and policymakers.

SBS 54630 Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) in Public Health Practice (3 credit hours)

An introduction to the diverse concepts of sexual orientation and gender identity through the lens of public health practice. This course prepares public health leaders and clinical practitioners to think critically about the unique health concerns of the LGBTQ+ community, inherent systems of homophobia and heterosexism that negatively impact their health, and how to navigate LGBTQ+ public health practice to make positive community health change.

SBS 54634 Social Determinants of Health Behaviors (3 credit hours)

Overviews the social determinants of health and the dynamic interplay between individual behaviors and community structures from a systems orientation. Public policy, social and built environments, commercial messages, access to services, cultural norms, psychosocial hazards, and poverty are examined as causal effects that either provide opportunity or constraints to health. The course also examines systems approaches to preventing public health threats from issues including the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, physical inactivity, poor dietary practices, unsafe sexual behaviors, violence and injury, and mental health.

PH 61199 Integrative Learning Experience (1 credit hour)

Students complete an integrative learning experience demonstrating their synthesis of foundational and concentration competencies. Faculty and students collaborate to choose a project based on foundational and concentration-specific competencies appropriate to the student’s educational and professional goals.

Admissions Requirements

  • Completed online application
  • Bachelor’s degree, with a GPA of 3.0 or higher (on a 4.0 scale), from an accredited university
  • Application fee: $45
  • Official transcripts
  • Resume/CV
  • Goal statement
  • There are no requirements for the GRE, or recommendation letter

Language Proficiency for International Students

International students must provide proof of English language proficiency with an acceptable score on one of the following tests.

TestMinimum score
TOEFL PBT (paper-based test)550
TOEFL IBT (internet-based test)79

There are a limited number of specific exceptions to this requirement. Contact an admissions outreach advisor for more information.

The application process is simple and we’re here to guide you through it.

Admissions outreach advisors are available to answer your questions regarding admissions requirements for the program. If you have questions, please email us at or call us toll-free at +1 844-234-4073.

Important Dates

Priority Application Deadline
Summer 2024 Term
Final Application Deadline
Summer 2024 Term
First Day of Class
Summer 2024 Term

Application FAQs

Begin your application by creating an account in the online application system to save your work and track the progress of materials submitted via the system.

I am a U.S. citizen. Where should I send my application materials?

If you are a U.S. citizen or permanent U.S. resident, all required application materials should be sent to the Division of Graduate Studies at or by mail to:

Division of Graduate Studies
P.O. Box 5190
Kent, OH 44242

Please be sure to include your full name and Kent State ID (9 digit number starting with 8) on all submitted documents. For questions, contact Graduate Admissions at +1 330-672-2661 or

I am not a U.S. citizen. Where should I send my application materials?

If you are not a U.S. citizen or permanent U.S. resident, all required documents should be submitted to the Office of Global Education at or by mail to:

Office of Global Education
Kent State University
106 Van Campen Hall
625 Loop Rd.
Kent, OH 44242

For questions, contact International Admissions at +1 330-672-7970 or

Build Your Career With an Online Graduate Certificate in LGBTQ+ Public Health

Explore the immersive online experience, Kent State's faculty roster and some of the diverse post-graduation career options.

Immersive Online Curriculum

Designed for busy working professionals and students seeking to expand their career options.

Award-Winning Faculty

Study with authorities who are at the forefront of health research and policy.

MPH Career Potential

Gain expertise in mitigating public health risks through advocacy, research, and policy implementation.

Important Dates

Priority Application Deadline
Summer 2024 Term
Final Application Deadline
Summer 2024 Term
First Day of Class
Summer 2024 Term

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