Infusing Creativity into Your Next Ensemble Rehearsal! Learn from Dr. Wendy K. Matthews of the Online Master of Music in Music Education Program

Kent State University Hugh A. Glauser School of Music

Dr. Wendy K. Matthews, the Program Coordinator for the Online Master of Music in Music Education, shares her ideas for infusing creativity into next your ensemble rehearsal in her blog post for the National Association for Music Education.

Infusing Creativity into Your Next Ensemble Rehearsal!

By NAfME Members Wendy K. Matthews, BethAnn Hepburn, and Elizabeth Hankins

Wendy Matthews, BethAnn Hepburn, and Elizabeth Hankins presented “Infusing Creativity into Your Next Ensemble Rehearsal” during the NAfME 2021 PreK-12 Learning Collaborative in February 2021.

Creativity is a key component of developing comprehensive musicians. Yet, the challenge continues to be: How do we, as ensemble directors, provide students with opportunities to think beyond notes and rhythms and develop a deeper understanding of all aspects of music? In this blog, we will highlight relevant research and provide you with examples and ideas to encourage curiosity and self-expression through

  • playing by ear
  • composing
  • improvising
  • peer-directed rehearsals

Creativity as Process

As defined by Webster (1990), musical creativity is the engagement of the mind in the active, structured process of “thinking in sound” to produce some product that is new for the creator. Performing music and learning musical concepts are different cognitive processes (Webster, 2016) that are equally important for developing musicians in our ensembles.

Reprinted with permission from National Association for Music Education (NAfME). The full article published on June 24, 2021, can be found here.

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