How do I get an Online Master’s Degree in Translation?

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A translation degree can open doors to many career opportunities as translators play an important role in bringing people and companies together.

Interested in working in this field? Let’s look at how you get an Online Master of Arts in Translation from Kent State University.

What is Translation?

Translation interprets the meaning of written content from a source language into a language that is targeted. For example, translating a written text from Spanish to English.

Translators are able to use software, such as translation memory and a termbase, that facilitates the translation process and quickly fills in the missing gaps. They are able to go through the text and refer to other written materials such as parallel texts to ensure an accurate translation. Translators focus on working with written materials like print or websites, which is one main difference between translation and interpretation.1

Why Kent State University?

With global business taking on a more prominent role in the world, the need to communicate across languages is vital.

Kent State University is the only institution in the U.S. to offer degrees in translation at all three levels - Bachelor of Science (on-campus), Master of Arts in Translation (Online), and Ph.D. in Translation Studies (on-campus). These programs are run through the Institute of Applied Linguistics.2

Hear from Our Alumni3

We asked Alumni of the Online Master of Arts in Translation Program to tell us, Why Kent State University?

Julian-Pascal Bisping, LSP Program Manager

“The Institute for Applied Linguistics at Kent State University is still the only program in the United States that offers degrees in translation all the way to the Ph.D. And unlike other universities, Kent is a research institute that offers both a solid technology track that is so vital in today’s industry as well as the theoretical underpinnings that plant the seeds for life-long learning and critical thinking. Even after almost eight years post-graduation, I still find myself going back to topics and materials I first encountered during the M.A.”

Katrina Leonoudakis, Japanese-English Localizer, and Translator

“I chose Kent State over other translation programs as it focused solely on translation, not interpretation. It also boasted a strong foundation in both translation theory and translation technology, both of which have been immensely helpful in my career.”

Jamie Harts, Spanish-English Translator

“Kent State’s translation program came highly recommended from a number of people I knew who were working in the translation industry. It is seen as a prestigious and well-respected program that prepares its students not only for the work of translation but for many of the other skills that are needed in the field, including project management and technology skills.”

Mary McKee, Spanish-English Translator

“Kent State’s translation program is one of the leading programs in the United States for master’s degrees in translation, with its focus both on practical skills and techniques for translation, and on an academic and theoretical background to inform and support your professional work.”

Kent State University Online Master of Arts in Translation

The Gawlicki Family Foundation Online Master of Arts in Translation provides students and professionals with access to the nation’s most comprehensive graduate program in translation.

The Online Master of Arts degree in Translation prepares students for careers in translation, localization, terminology management, project management, and a variety of additional career paths involving multilingual communication in the language industry.

Available online concentrations/languages:

  • Arabic
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Japanese
  • German
  • French

Dual Degree: Students have the opportunity to complete a dual degree program with the MA degree in Translation and the MBA degree. Learn more about the dual degree.

How to get an Online Master of Arts in Translation from Kent State University

Now enrolling for Fall 2021!

This program requires 36 semester hours of coursework over two years for full-time students, including a case study in translation. View a roadmap of degree completion for full-time students.

At the end of the program, students are able to demonstrate and apply fundamental concepts of computer-assisted translation, translation theory, terminology management, and localization.

See all admissions requirements and apply today!

For more information on Kent State’s Online Master of Arts in Translation, visit

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