Strengthen, Motivate, and Play: Music Games for Your Beginning Ensembles! Learn from Dr. Wendy K. Matthews of the Online Master of Music in Music Education Program

Kent State University Hugh A. Glauser School of Music

Dr. Wendy K. Matthews, the Program Coordinator for the Online Master of Music in Music Education, shares her ideas for music games for your beginning ensembles in her blog post for the National Association for Music Education.

Strengthen, Motivate, and Play: Music Games for Your Beginning Ensembles!

By NAfME Members Wendy K. Matthews and Joy O’Day-Bianchi

Educational games put the learning in the students’ hands and get you off the podium to interact with your students in new ways. Playing games can reduce the stress of traditional and remote learning environments while creating an engaging classroom for many students.

Reasons to Play Music Learning Games

Introduce/Reinforce Concepts: Games provide many teachable moments and offer space for students to explore musical concepts and their interconnections.

Motivate Learning: Games are enjoyable, fun, and pique student interest while also offering opportunities for student choice

Increase Engagement: Games can support concentration and on-task behavior and are adaptable to meet the varying levels and needs of your students.

Develop Resiliency: Games provide attainable challenges allowing students to learn from their mistakes as they progress.

Improve Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking Skills: Games help students plan and develop strategies to manage information in flexible and creative ways.

Enable Discovery Learning: Games can build upon previous knowledge and provide opportunities to apply skills to new and novel situations.

Foster Cooperation and Collaboration: Games allow students to actively engage with others and set the foundation for active listening, group decision-making, and teamwork.

Provide Assessment: Games allow teachers time to individually assess, provide formative feedback, and record student learning.

Reprinted with permission from National Association for Music Education (NAfME). The full article published on September 2, 2021, can be found here.

Learn more about Dr. Wendy K. Matthews.

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