NEW ONLINE PROGRAM - New Program for Fall 2022! Learn more with an Online Teaching and Learning with Technology Undergraduate Certificate at Kent State University

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Technology continues to influence how we teach and how we learn across the lifespan.

While people often know how to use cutting-edge technologies for personal growth, they lack knowledge and experience in teaching or learning with innovative tools.

Why Kent State University?

This new Online Teaching and Learning with Technology Undergraduate Certificate from Kent State University is intended for current students, non-current students, and international students at the post-secondary level, in education and other fields, to have adequate exposure to educational technology courses, and be provided the opportunity to become proficient with educational technology tools and strategies.

This certificate also provides a solid set of core courses as well as flexibility for targeting these opportunities according to students’ aspirations and needs.

NEW PROGRAM! Enroll today in the Online Teaching and Learning with Technology Undergraduate Certificate at Kent State University

The Online Teaching and Learning with Technology Undergraduate Certificate at Kent State University provides students with the tools to acquire the knowledge and concrete skills to deploy educational technology theories and strategies in multiple fields while working at educational institutions, communication-related companies, and public health entities, and other industries.

This certificate is for both students in the education and non-education field. Education students will strengthen their know-how in learning innovations while being exposed to interdisciplinary stimuli and references and expanding their professional and academic horizons. Non-education students will access the most recent best practices in educational technology, applying them in their own field of reference and beyond.

Graduates of this program will be able to:

  • Identify and evaluate main factors and processes related to the role of technology in improving learning and teaching practices at any level, from PreK-12 education to professional development needs
  • Deploy learning technologies and related strategies to fields like public health and communication
  • Design technology-mediated solutions for improving education and related best practices
  • Develop interventions for increasing learning outcomes and performances in education, communication, and public health

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