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Always looking for a new podcast to try? Interested in business?

Try Kent State University’s College of Business podcast, Breaking Down Business podcast. Started in 2019, its goal is to provide students with a mobile-first, micro-learning experience.

Available on Spotify, Stitcher, and Apple Podcast.

Take a listen to the newest episode, episode #12, and learn about the NEW Online Master of Science in Accounting.

#12 Career Trajectories for Accounting Students and the new Online Master of Science in Accounting Program

Listen Here.

On this episode of Breaking Down Business, we hear from Drew Sellers, EDM, CMA, chair of the Department of Accounting at Kent State’s College of Business Administration. Sellers shares highlights on the accounting program including career trajectories for accounting students and the newly launched Online Master of Science in Accounting program.

NEW PROGRAM! Enroll today in the Master of Science in Accounting at Kent State University

The Online Master of Science in Accounting degree is for students interested in specializing in accounting. More than just debits and credits, the MSA program promotes critical thinking, hands-on application of technology, effective communication skills, and ethical decision-making. It prepares future professionals for challenging and rewarding careers.

Graduates pursue careers in auditing, taxation, fraud investigation, law enforcement, investment banking, management, and consulting.

For more information on Kent State’s Online Master of Science in Accounting, visit

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