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You may have a unique career goal, one that requires a special course of study, and Kent State Online and Kent State’s College of Technical and Applied Studies can help design a degree program to fit your individual needs.

Kent State’s Online Associate of Technical Study in an Individualized Program allows you to combine the most useful courses with meeting your career goals. You can combine courses from two or more technical areas to create an integrated program in areas like industrial management, medical secretarial skills, foreign trade, computerized accounting systems, corrections management, or materials technology.

General Guidelines

The Online Associate of Technical Study program is open to any student who needs a specially designed course of study. This is a flexible program, though some general requirements outline the number and type of courses needed by all students who are pursuing this degree. A minimum of 61 semester hours of coursework is needed for this degree, about half from technical courses which offer education central to your career goals. The remaining half of your semester hours will be divided between courses that help you build a foundation for specialized technical study and liberal arts courses from the university’s Liberal Education Requirements.

Planning your Program

With the help of a faculty advisor, you will develop a written plan of study and select courses to fit that plan as you prepare for the career you have chosen. Because of the unique nature of the online Associate of Technical Study program, you must get an early start in planning with your advisor. With early planning and ongoing support from faculty and staff, you can design an exceptional degree program - one that works for your specialized career goal.

NEW PROGRAM! Enroll today in the Online Associate of Technical Study in Individualized Program at Kent State University

The Online Associate of Technical Study degree, Individualized Program, is open to students who need a specially designed course of study in a technical field. The program consists of courses that suit the students’ career goals. Course requirements are planned with the help of a faculty advisor and must be approved by the dean of the College of Applied and Technical Studies.

Graduates of this program will be able to:

  • Interpret and communicate discipline-specific information via written, verbal, and/or visual or digital representations.
  • Participate in effective written, oral, and digital communication skills in multiple contexts for various audiences.
  • Integrate applied skills and theoretical knowledge in a specific technical field or focus area to solve problems or perform tasks.
  • Develop self-awareness about identity and culture, diversity, sensitivity, and respect for differences.

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