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Customize your education with the online Bachelor’s Degree in Integrative Studies at Kent State University. This degree allows students to design a curriculum tailored to their interests and career goals. With a flexible program structure that lets them combine courses from various disciplines and lines, students gain a broad range of knowledge and skills that are highly valued in today’s job market.

Kent State University’s Online Bachelor of Integrative Studies

Kent State University’s Online Bachelor of Integrative Studies degree program gives you the tools to change your life on your terms; matching classwork and internships to your goals and experiences, working within your timeline, and offering flexible class options. This degree provides a path to degree completion utilizing an integrative approach while focusing on career and professional goals. 

The online Bachelor of Integrative Studies degree has a general concentration and two minors concentration:

  • The Integrative Studies-General concentration allows students to choose a minimum of 30 credit hours from a minimum of two interrelated programs that support their career aspirations.
  • The Integrative Studies-Two Minors concentration allows students to complete two university-recognized minors and/or certificates. Students select courses from a minimum of two academic departments and develop a rationale for how these courses support their career goals.

Graduates of this program will be able to:

  1. Integrate theoretical and empirical material from across traditional disciplines.
  2. Design, research, and execute a scholarly project of high quality.
  3. Articulate connections between their chosen coursework at Kent State and their plans to make a contribution to their community after graduation.

Why should I get a Bachelor of Integrative Studies?

Education is more than just receiving a degree, it’s a way of thinking and addressing life that gives you a unique perspective on the world and gives you a leg up in pursuing career choices.

  • A BIS helps you adapt to an increasingly complex work environment—current and future careers require critical thinking as well as a broad knowledge base across many disciplines and topics.
  • You’ll learn to collaborate more effectively and gain a deeper understanding of global perspectives.
  • You create your own path towards self-discovery and success. No two programs are the same—you’ll choose your classes according to your interests and career goals.

Will companies accept this degree?

Yes, big and small companies understand the value of having a college degree and respect the Bachelor of Integrative Studies. Completing this degree demonstrates your understanding of a broad range of disciplines and your creativity in developing your skill set—important attributes in the 21st-century workplace.

Apply today to the Online Bachelor of Integrative Studies degree at Kent State University

The online Bachelor of Integrative Studies degree provides maximum freedom for students who wish to take a multidisciplinary, individualized approach to the design of an educational program while maintaining a focus on career and professional goals. These concentrations may appeal most to students near the end of their academic careers (senior-level students) who are re-evaluating their academic and career choices. It is a program in which the student undertakes the responsibility for the research and design of their program in consultation with an advisor.

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