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The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects employment in media and communication occupations to grow 14% through 2030, fast than the average for all occupations, and result in about 151,500 new jobs.1

The demand for media and communications jobs is on the rise because there are continually new platforms that require content creation, editing, translation, and dissemination. As communication platforms grow, the same goes for the need for communication skills.

Learn In-Demand Communication Skills

When employers are asked what they look for in new hires, communication skills top the list every time.

Businesses, organizations, healthcare industries, and nonprofit agencies consistently rank effective communication skills as the most important job-hiring consideration, even more so than technical skills. Pursuing a communication studies degree allows students the ability to bring diverse insights into the role of communication in a variety of ways.

Managers, communication experts, teachers, sales representatives, political communication consultants, communication strategists, and leaders are a few examples of possible careers for degree-seeking students.

Communication studies degrees examine the role of communication in a wide range of settings, focusing on how to adapt messages to diverse situations and circumstances.

Why Kent State University?

The College of Communication and Information at Kent State University is the only college in the nation that offers degree programs from five distinct but interrelated fields of study - media, design, communication, information, and digital technologies.

The fully online Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies features flexibility and choice.

Students create a personalized plan of study tailored to their specific academic interests and career goals in areas such as global and intercultural communication, advocacy, social media, corporate communication and workplace consulting, presentational and motivational speaking, campaign design, and more. This concentration is appropriate for those who have diverse academic interests. It permits students to take courses across the schools in the College of Communication and Information and provides space for electives that students could use to pursue a minor in another discipline.

There are also many study abroad/away opportunities. Learn more from the Office of Global Education.

NEW PROGRAM! Enroll today in the online Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies at Kent State University

The online Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to succeed across professional industries - from the government to business to nonprofits and education. The program’s mission is to teach students to communicate effectively, lead responsibly, understand how communication affects identities, communities, and cultures, think analytically, and reason critically.

Graduates of this program will be able to:

  • Display competence in verbal, nonverbal, and written communication.
  • Advocate courses of action to stimulate improved decision-making.
  • Influence others through demonstrated presentational speaking skills.
  • Communicate ethically.
  • Foster inclusive dialogues and tailor messages that respect diversity, empower others and bring about social change.
  • Articulate creative, effective, and evidence-based solutions to communication problems.
  • Coordinate action, solve problems, foster well-being, engage in critical thinking, and participate in civic life.
  • Communicate effectively in a technological, multicultural, and global society to bring about meaningful social change.
  • Apply information and media literacy in an effective and ethical manner.

For more information on Kent State’s Online Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies, visit

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