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Aviation Management and Logistics Master’s Degree Program Overview

The Master of Science degree in Aviation Management and Logistics prepares graduates to perform at an advanced level in organizations that move people and/or goods via air transport.

This degree is perfect for working professionals or those about to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree. This program prepares students for management and aviation operations and was designed in response to the significant increase in the transportation of people and goods by air transport. The International Air Transportation forecasts a doubling of air traffic to 7.8 billion trips per year by 2036. Air Cargo is expected to reach 150 million tons shipped per year in the same forecast.

Students in the program examine the business of aviation logistics and its role in the global supply chain. In addition, they learn the techniques necessary to understand and develop an aviation logistics model for producing an accurate and effective forecast for the demand for aviation services.

Students are given practical experience in negotiating, vetting, and managing vendor and labor contracts. They also learn the economic, regulatory, political, geographical, and human-centric challenges facing the industry today, including profit strategies, human-error interventions tactics, and post-9/11 security legislation concerning air cargo operations.

Safety policy, risk management, assurance, and safety promotion are the key focus areas, and students take an in-depth study of the concepts, principles, design, implementation, and administration of aviation safety management systems. As weather events are so disruptive to an aviation organization, students gain an understanding of hazardous weather and the products to predict weather impact on aviation operations.

The College of Aeronautics and Engineering is an exciting and dynamic college dedicated to your success, inclusion of the global aviation community, and scholarship.

Degree Features:

  • no GRE requirement
  • international students only IELTS score of 6.0
  • 7 1/2 week course
  • capstone required, but thesis optional

Program Structure

  • 30 minimum total credit hours
  • 15 courses - each course is 2 credits
    • 12 major requirement courses
    • 2 major elective courses
    • 1 culminating requirement course
  • Students with no previous aviation weather experience are required to take AERN 65400 as an elective. Minimum credit hours for electives depends on meeting the total of 30 credit hours for the degree
  • Students who are planning to advance to a doctorate or are interested specifically in research may complete a thesis in place of the capstone with advisor approval
  • The capstone consists of a scholarly paper or project that integrates knowledge attained through coursework and research experience. Students may undertake original empirical research, case studies, reports or research results, theoretical or applied designs of logistical systems.

Dual Degree: MBA/MS Aviation Management and Logistics

Possible Careers

  • Aircraft cargo handling supervisors
  • First-line supervisors of transportation and material-moving workers
  • Transportation, storage, and distribution managers
  • Airline and air carrier operations managers

Aviation Management and Logistics Master’s Degree Program Admissions Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university
  • Minimum 2.750 undergraduate GPA on a 4.000 point scale
  • Official transcript(s)
  • Goal statement
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • English language proficiency - all international students must provide proof of English language proficiency (unless they meet specific exceptions) by earning one of the following:
    • Minimum 525 TOEFL PBT score (paper-based version)
    • Minimum 71 TOEFL IBT score (Internet-based version)
    • Minimum 74 MELAB score
    • Minimum 6.0 IELTS score
    • Minimum 50 PTE score
    • Minimum 100 Duolingo English Test score

For more information about graduate admissions, please visit the graduate admission website. For more information on international admission, visit the Office of Global Education’s admission website.

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Aviation Management and Logistics Master’s Degree Program Courses

Courses for the online MS in Aviation Management and Logistics cover a range of topics essential for professionals who wish to move into management roles in the aviation field. These include legal and regulatory issues, economics and fiscal management, modeling and forecasting for logistics planning, analytics, supply chain management, Six Sigma principles, and more. Students will also complete between 2 and 6 credit hours of aviation management electives and either a thesis or a capstone project to fulfill the program’s culminating requirement.

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Aviation Management and Logistics Master’s Degree Program Tuition and Fees

Ohio Residents

Per Credit Hour Per 3-Credit Course Approximate Tuition Cost
$571.90 $1,715.70

$17,200 part-time1

$12,500 full-time2

Non-Ohio Residents

Per Credit Hour Per 3-Credit Course Approximate Tuition Cost
$581.90 $1,745.70

$17,500 part-time3

$12,600-$12,700 full-time4

1The $571.90 per-credit-hour tuition rate applies to part-time Ohio resident graduate students taking fewer than 11 credit hours per semester.

2The flat-rate semester fee of $6,277.40 applies to full-time Ohio resident graduate students taking between 11-18 credit hours per semester.

3The $581.90 per-credit-hour tuition rate applies to part-time non-Ohio resident graduate students enrolled in a fully only degree program and taking fewer than 11 credit hours per semester, PLUS a surcharge of $10 per credit hour.

4The flat-rate semester fee of $6,277.40 applies to full-time non-Ohio resident graduate students enrolled in a fully online degree program and taking between 11-18 credit hours, PLUS a surcharge of $10 per credit hour of actual credits taken each semester (between 11-18 semester credits or $110-$180).

An additional Distance Learning fee for all students enrolled in a distance learning course is $15 per credit hour. Program tuition and costs are estimated and subject to change.

Actual tuition costs may vary based on a student’s chosen academic plan. For a complete listing of tuition rates for approved online programs, please contact Kent State’s Financial, Billing & Enrollment Center at 330-672-6000 or via our website Contact Us link.

The total program costs are estimates and are not final or binding. Program costs are based on standard fees, but fees may vary based on the actual classes taken.  Kent State University disclaims any liability arising from the use of or reliance upon these program cost estimates by any person.  Program costs are subject to change without notice.

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