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Total Credits
Approximate Tuition Cost
Available Concentration
Medical Billing/Coding Office
*Based on the Tuition Guarantee Program for a full-time student taking 12-18 semester hours, if completing program in 4 semesters.

Program Overview

The Associate of Applied Business degree in Office Technology focuses primarily on front-end office functions, in which employees use technology for daily job responsibilities that may include producing business documents, designing presentations, generating data reports and creating financial spreadsheets. Students use the most current versions of business software applications and learn the fundamentals of accounting, automated records management, business communications and resource management.

Graduates gain a wide variety of computer application skills needed for gainful employment in office administrative support positions, including office assistant, accounting clerk, office manager, administrative coordinator, executive administrative and administrative assistant–technology.

A Medical Billing/Coding Office concentration is available for this program, which provides a basic understanding of software, medical terminology, billing/coding and procedures used in medical settings such as hospitals, clinics, doctors’ offices and outsourcing facilities involved with providing billing operations.

Program Structure

  • 61 minimum total credit hours
  • About 22 courses

Program Learning Outcomes

Graduates of this program will be able to:

  • Organize, manage and analyze critical business data using spreadsheet and database software.
  • Create state-of-the-art documents, using design guidelines, terminology, and basic publication concepts of industry standards.
  • Import and integrate data from their original software to another for upgraded usage.
  • Determine the most appropriate software to use in creating specific business documents that meet industry standards for mailing.
  • Contrast, compare, and adapt to forces that influence emerging management practices.
  • Manage the people, productivity, technology, and environment within the administrative function of an organization.
  • Integrate coursework with realistic office settings, emphasizing the total quality management environment.
  • Use multiple channels used in business to communicate with others.
  • Participate in the activities of various businesses to determine the variety of job responsibilities assigned to employees in their profession; develop job search strategies for use in their outreach activities.
  • Track and provide administrative support in managing projects, using software designed for this specific purpose.
  • Examine, describe and exercise various leadership, decision-making, and motivational skills.

Admissions Requirements

The university affirmatively strives to provide educational opportunities and access to students with varied backgrounds, those with special talents, and adult students who graduated from high school three or more years ago.

Kent State campuses at Ashtabula, East Liverpool, Geauga, Salem, Stark, Trumbull and Tuscarawas, and the Twinsburg Academic Center, have open enrollment admission for students who hold a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent.

For more information on admissions, contact the Regional Campuses admissions offices.

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Important Dates

Classes Begin
Fall 2023 Semester
Fall Break
Fall Break


Courses for the online AAB in Office Technology cover a range of topics essential to professionals in technology-facing office and administrative roles. These include word processing, database and spreadsheet applications, administrative resource management, other current technologies, accounting and workgroup productivity software. All students must also take 9 credit hours of applied business electives and 15 credit hours of Kent Core requirements to complete the program. Students who choose the Medical Billing/Coding Office concentration will take an additional 12 credit hours of topical coursework, while students who do not select a concentration will complete 12 further credit hours of coursework on general business technologies.

All undergraduate students must also complete courses that satisfy the Kent State university requirements in order to graduate.

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Tuition and Fees

Ohio Residents

Per Credit Hour Per 3-Credit Course Approximate Tuition Cost

$325.80 Lower Division Courses

$381.90 Upper Division Courses

$977.40 Lower Division Courses

$1,145.70 Upper Division Courses

$14,300 full-time1

Non-Ohio Residents

Per Credit Hour Per 3-Credit Course Approximate Tuition Cost

$335.80 Lower Division Courses

$391.90 Upper Division Courses

$1,007.40 Lower Division Courses

$1,175.70 Upper Division Courses

$14,900 full-time2

1The flat-rate semester fee of $3,585.10 for LOWER division courses applies to full-time Ohio resident undergraduate students taking between 12-18 credit hours per semester. The approximate tuition for Associate degrees is calculated at 4 semesters using the lower division course flat rate.

2The flat-rate semester fee of $3,585.10 for LOWER division courses applies to full-time non-Ohio resident undergraduate students enrolled in a fully online degree program and taking between 12-18 credit hours per semester, PLUS a surcharge of $10 per credit hour of actual credit hours taken (between 12-18 semester credits or $120-$180). The approximate tuition for Associate degrees is calculated at 4 semesters using the lower division flat rate and $150 surcharge.

For part-time semesters: The $325.80 per-credit-hour tuition rate for LOWER division courses and $381.90 for UPPER division courses applies to part-time Ohio resident undergraduate students, PLUS a $10 per-credit-hour surcharge for non-Ohio resident undergraduate students, taking fewer than 12 credit hours per semester.

An additional Distance Learning fee for all students enrolled in a distance learning course is $15 per credit hour. Program tuition and costs are estimated and subject to change.

Actual tuition costs may vary based on a student’s chosen academic plan. For a complete listing of tuition rates for approved online programs please contact the One Stop for Student Services at 330-672-6000, or via our website Contact Us link.

The total program costs are estimates and are not final or binding. Program costs are based on standard fees, but fees may vary based on the actual classes taken.  Kent State University disclaims any liability arising from the use of or reliance upon these program cost estimates by any person.  Program costs are subject to change without notice.

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