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The term “telemedicine” describes the provision of remote medical assistance via telephone or video in times when a doctor cannot meet with a patient in person. Historically, with medical care commonly regarded as a practice that benefits most from in-person treatment for full efficacy, telemedicine has generally been considered a last resort. While industries outside of medicine enthusiastically embraced remote technologies throughout the 21st century, the adoption of telemedicine has been hindered by technological challenges, privacy concerns, high costs and a lack of perceived usefulness.1
Did you know that Kent State University has more than 20 fully online graduate and undergraduate certificate programs? Learn more about all our online graduate and undergraduate certificate programs below.
Kent State University’s College of Business (COBA) provides global impact through innovative education, leading research, and meaningful engagement with the business community.
Today, many Americans do not have access to mental health services, in part due to a lack of qualified mental health professionals. Nurses who become Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners (PMHNPs) help bridge this gap and provide holistic care to those who are struggling with mental illnesses and addictions. PMHNPs are uniquely poised to expand education about, and access to, mental health care.
Education is not only about learning skills and information. Education—whether formal schooling or learning through life experience—is deeply embedded in every society. Education plays a number of roles in society as well. Examining the relationships between varied kinds of education and society is what you will be asked to do when studying cultural foundations of education.