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Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Allen Lowery

April 12, 2019
Dr. Allen Lowery

With 31 years of teaching experience and multiple degrees to his name, Dr. Allen Lowery brings a wealth of skills and knowledge to Kent State University’s online Master of Arts in Criminology and Criminal Justice. Dr. Lowery also has 11 years of law enforcement experience, four of which came during his time with the U.S. Army, where he was a Captain of Military Police.

During his seven years with the Findlay Police Department, he saw action as a police officer, detective and undercover narcotics investigator, giving him firsthand knowledge and a perspective that proves to be invaluable to his students.

According to Lowery, “The work of those in the profession of criminal justice is becoming increasingly complex, demanding the ability to think critically, interact well with those you serve, and be capable of understanding complex and quickly changing situations.” This makes the skills a program like the Master’s in Criminology and Criminal Justice offers essential.

Dr. Lowery believes the faculty’s “purpose is to guide and assist our students in their learning experience and the best way to accomplish this goal is to be easily contactable by our students.” He makes himself readily available for his students, providing them with his cell phone number and encouraging them to contact him whenever they need, even on weekends.

He also ensures his classes are filled with active and robust conversations about relevant and contemporary issues, ensuring that opinions are shared and respectfully challenged. Dr. Lowery’s goal is to provide students with a deeper understanding of criminal justice policy and institutions, rules and regulations and enforcement mechanisms.

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As criminology and criminal justice roles grow ever more complex, our online MA in Criminology and Criminal Justice helps students gain expertise in global security, cybersecurity, policing and corrections, as well as prepare to move into leadership positions in homeland security, counterterrorism and other fields.

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