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Kent State University Environment Management Geographic Information Science Online Degree Masters Graduate Certificate
Even if you’re considering enrolling in a GIS program and pursuing a GIS master’s degree, you may not realize how prevalent Geographic Information Science (GISc) is in our world. It is the science behind the devices that are woven into our daily lives. Geographical Information Systems (GIS) are everywhere, from the mapping applications on our phones to systems that monitor our health, manage communications networks, plan disaster responses, and study environmental sustainability.1…
Kent State University Geographic Information Science GISc Online Degree Graduate
Have you heard of the term “geographic information science (GISc)”? This term might be unfamiliar or seem a little obscure, but it’s a rapidly growing profession. The need for GISc experts continues to grow with an expected five percent increase in jobs by 2019.1 GISc professionals with a master’s degree earn salaries, on average, 20 percent higher than those with a bachelor’s degree. What is Geographic Information Science?