Elias Nader

Elias Nader

Assistant Professor
Department of Sociology

Research Interests: Policing; Program Implementation and Evaluation; Emerging Adulthood and Crime: Life-Course Criminology

Professor Elias Nader’s research in policing examines program implementation and evaluation as well as community perceptions of police initiatives. Currently, he is partnering with the Baltimore Police Department and the University of Baltimore to evaluate the pilot program of the Neighborhood Policing Plan public safety initiative. Additionally, he is leading a community collaboration to evaluate the Baltimore Police Department’s new community policing training. This work emphasizes the inclusion of community members in the research and evaluation process.

Professor Nader’s second area of focus is on the transition to adulthood and desistance from crime. In that research, he has partnered with community-based agencies that serve young adults and has conducted narrative interviews with young adults engaging in desistance. He is building on this work in a book for Routledge Publishers tentatively titled “Growing Up and Out of Crime: Understanding Desistance and the Transition to Adulthood,” which is expected for publication in 2022.

He is excited to work with both graduate and undergraduate students at Kent State and welcomes any inquiries from current and prospective students.

Ph.D. in Criminology & Criminal Justice, University of Massachusetts Lowell, 2019
M.A. in Criminology & Criminal Justice, University of Massachusetts Lowell, 2016
B.S. in Psychology, Ohio State University, 2012