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Key Components of a Sticky Site: Blog

May 19, 2016

What makes someone a repeat visitor to a website or motivates them to share it with their networks via social channels? There isn't one correct answer to either of these questions, because there is a multi-layered, strategic approach to attracting and converting people into frequent visitors. Generally speaking, the best way to achieve this goal is to provide the site audience with valuable, relevant content.

A well-written and frequently updated blog is an important part of this formula. Why are blogs critical? According to Hubspot, there are several reasons, but most importantly, a good blog will help convert its readers into potential leads, particularly if there is a strong call-to-action included in the body of each post. Giving readers information that they find valuable, or adding copy that encourages them to either make a purchase or request additional information about a product or service, helps to nurture them through the customer journey with the ideal result of converting them into a lead.

Another reason to host a blog on a website is that it can have a profound impact on search engine optimization (SEO) results. SEO is the process in which a particular web page can easily be found when users conduct an online search. The use of certain keywords or phrases that people frequently use when looking for something online can help a site reach the first page in any search engine results. In Business 2 Community, Jennifer Barry writes that one of the most common ways to help a website or blog become more visible online is the integration of these keywords into the body copy of a particular blog post.

However, B2C cautioned against the overuse of keywords in blog posts just for the sake of adding them. Instead, the website suggested adding words to copy that are unique and will lead people to a site, as well as using actual phrases that an individual might use when searching online for a product or service. Things like keyword placement and frequent repetition are no longer necessary. Taking a more simplified approach by putting yourself in the mind of your target audience will help you develop a keyword strategy that delivers positive results on a consistent basis.

Increase your opportunity of new visitor acquisition and conversion to new customers by improving SEO through frequent, relevant blog posts. The integration of a blog into your site content can have a profound impact on your business.