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28 Jan

UXD Focus: Nick Volkert on User Experience Optimization and Design


Nick Volkert’s path to becoming a user experience design professional isn’t much different from those currently working in the field. Many went to school and studied subjects that took them on a different career path and later down the line, they eventually found their way into UXD.

“I really didn’t hear about [user experience design] as a term until I joined Sears in 2010,” said Volkert, who is a UX designer and graphic artist. “I came into UXD by accident because I was a front end developer.”

But after realizing that he wasn’t exactly doing the job he was hired for, Nick took a design apprenticeship on the UXD team at Sears and the rest is history. The road that Volkert has taken into user experience optimization is not unlike a number of people already working professionally in the industry. For many, a career in UXD is accidental or unexpected, but its importance and overall value can never be understated.

“I’m doing better for my team, I’m doing better for the organization and I’m doing better for the business,” said Volkert. Not only does his company benefit from the work he does, but so do the end users who are unaware of Volkert’s direct involvement in their enjoyable online experience.

Sometimes it can be hard to quantify what you do in your job. But for Volkert, the payoff comes in the form of the thousands of people he helps on a daily basis by giving them something to engage with that actually works. This is the often understated value and importance of UXD as a profession, making it all the more worthwhile to take the next step and become an unsung hero for consumers.

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