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11 Dec 2020

Mind How You Go

by Val Kelly

This blog is a curation of podcasts, books, articles, and interviews with the goal of providing advice and insights to aid us on our learning journey.

The pandemic has forced us to find new ways of coping, often by developing new routines that fit into the Covid19 constraints. Settling into my evening with a cup of tea and a good English murder mystery has become part of my coping mechanism. I’m oddly comforted by Detective Inspector Thursday’s oft-spoken parting advice, “mind how you go”. And, so, borrowing from the Endeavor series, I’m adopting it as the overarching theme of this blog. I’ll seek out and share whatever words to the wise I can locate that might help us more positively experience our rapidly evolving educational environment.

A good English murder mystery has certain formulaic elements, including the protagonist who has the right intentions, and deep community connections, and yet, faces cognitive and moral challenges in a landscape of lonely isolation. There is always a quest, undertaken with a vague sense of unease, but with resounding fortitude and inquisitiveness, in the end, always brings us the promised satisfaction of hard-earned knowledge.

Maybe a fitting metaphor for Higher Ed in the midst of a pandemic? That’s my premise and I’m sticking with it.