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Proctored Testing Information for Faculty

Distance learning faculty are encouraged to offer some on-campus testing sessions for their online courses to allow students who do not have the technology for the ProctorU solution (next item below) or who would rather take their exam in person to complete their exams with their faculty member.

The ProctorU remote test proctoring service allows students with a webcam and a broadband internet connection to complete their exams while on camera with a live person. The service is free to students (as long as the student schedules at least three business days in advance; otherwise, ProctorU will assess the student between $5 and $10 for the privilege of taking the exam with less notice) and there is no charge back to the faculty member, department, college, or campus – the fee for the exam is handled by the Office of Continuing and Distance Education at the Kent Campus. Some additional information about ProctorU:

  • The ProctorU service is available for only online courses, those coded in Banner as V1, V2, or V3 (100% online, 100% online with set meeting times, and at least 50% online, respectively); courses that are coded any other way in Banner are not eligible for the service. The $12 per credit hour fee that students pay for the V1, V2, or V3 supports the use of ProctorU and other technologies and services in support of online courses.
  • Faculty members are encouraged to use the service for only their high-stakes testing events such as midterms and finals. Weekly quizzes and the like are not appropriate for ProctorU due to the cost to the University.
  • Exams will need to be located within a learning management system such as Blackboard Learn or something similar. Paper-based exams are not supported. Exams that use the Blackboard Learn Lockdown Browser are also not supported since the Lockdown browser interferes with the software used by ProctorU to monitor the student.
  • Students have their identity validated for each exam and any suspect behavior is reported back to the faculty member.
  • Faculty will submit their exam information to ProctorU via an instructor account provided to them within ProctorU’s system; the Assessment Directive Form has been retired from use. First-time faculty will need to contact to request their instructor account. Faculty are encouraged to submit their exam information at the very beginning of the semester so that students may schedule for their exams as soon as possible.  Exams do not have to be created at the beginning of the semester, just the overall details (dates, length, password, and special instructions) are provided to ProctorU. Faculty needing assistance may contact or
  • Students will visit to schedule and take their exam with the ProctorU service.
  • Faculty with questions about the ProctorU service are welcome to contact at any time.

Physical testing facilities, such as those on a Kent State University regional campus or with a third party, are an option for faculty members as well; however, these facilities have limited capacity and options for students. Faculty are encouraged to host their own on-campus testing sessions or use the ProctorU service. Details regarding the physical testing facilities can be found the Proctored Testing page for students.